Villain vs villain

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First fight:nino brown vs marlo stanfield

second fight. chris partlow vs duda man

Fight 3: snoop vs kiesha

fight 4 pookie vs bubbles

lil zee from city of gods vs michael

scotty vs vick mackie

august marks victor sweet


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Interracial couples | via Tumblr

Outfits you see at #walmart

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  1. Airline Tickets – Plan in advance and visit discount websites to see if there are better deals. While these sites might charge you a service fee ($5 or so), they can easily combine flight segments from different airlines easily to give you a great deal. (bonus – get even more savings by finding a Travelocity promo code before you book a trip)
  2. Connecting Flights – You might think connecting sucks but it sure saves you a good chunk of money doing it. Consider the pros and cons and don’t write it off right away.
  3. Travel Light – Airlines are starting to charge for everything now and if you have 2 bags or more, expect to be charged for it. Remember to not use over sized bags whenever possible and try to keep it all within one bag per person.
  4. Substitute – Consider packing really old clothes (if you plan to buy new ones on the trip). This way, you can keep one luggage and still have room for purchases.
  5. Always Look into Round Trip Tickets – Sometimes, one way tickets are so expensive that the round trip ticket is cheaper. Just don’t use the return trip. (I know it’s weird but I’ve seen it myself)
  6. Try to Get Back to the Same Airport – Flying in and out of the same airport is almost always cheaper. It’s not only the flight tickets but the car rentals as well.
  7. Traveling to Two Countries – If you are planning to stay in two countries and an airline makes you change planes on those countries anyway, you might be in luck. Check pricing on the flights to see if you can stay a few days at the country of the flight change instead of changing planes right away since airlines often let you do that for the same price.

  1. Plan Your Meals – Figure out where you will be and eat before you actually go out. This is not just good for your wallet, but your stomach too since you will probably find economical restaurants that tastes great.
  2. Cook for Yourself – Not many people do this butcooking while on vacation can sometimes be quite fun. Since the experience is new (cookware, dining area, supermarkets etc), it’s actually quite fun.
  3. Meals Carryover – Want a breakfast that cost nothing? Ask for some bread to-go at the restaurant the night before.
  4. Avoid Breakfast from the Hotels – Chances are good that the breakfast from the hotel is expensive and isn’t great. It probably pays to walk out the front door in the morning and find a local cafe. You might just stumble onto the local favorite.
  5. Eat More at Lunch Than Dinners – Fancy lunches are often much less expensive than dinners. If you eat a big breakfast, lunch and a light dinner, it’s also healthier.

* Car Rentals *

  1. Be Specific with Car Rentals – One way car rentals (when the pickup and drop off locations are different) are sometimes more than twice the price of standard rentals, especially if the two locations are in different states (or country). If you need the car for 7 days and will be in the same city for 5 and another city for 2 for example, break the rental period in two and have a 5-day same location rental and another 2-day one day rental. You might need to go back to the rental facility but it really doesn’t take that long and it might save you a few hundred dollars.
  2. Car Rental Coverage – Some insurance and many credit cards have car rental coverage so take advantage of those when you rent a car. All you have to do is pay with the credit card that will cover you. (Just make sure you decline the coverage from the rental company when they ask)
  3. Size of the Car – I used to always get the smallest car possible because not only do I not need the extra room, I also didn’t want to pay for the extra gas that bigger cars need.
  4. Children Car Seats – If you are traveling with kids, you might think that bringing the car seat is cheaper. Call the car rental company and ask about rental prices. With airlines charging for extra luggage, it might save to just rent it.
  5. Fill up that Rental Car – If you are renting a car and need fuel, just fill her up with regular gas since that’s what the car rental company uses anyway. Also, decline those services that fills the gas tank up for you. Even though it seems like the advertised price is cheap, they charge you for a full tank of gas regardless of how much is left in there when you bring the car back.
  6. Coupon Codes – Sometimes car rental companies have coupon codes that can be used. Search the Internet.

* Transportation *

  1. Rail, Metros and Subway – If you are traveling to Europe, research on multi-trip discounts. Many metros and rails have passes such as a 3-day unlimited travel passes which might be worth the cost.
  2. Night Train and Flights – If the transportation is going to be long, consider traveling at night to save money on accommodation and many hours of time. Many people have a tough time sleeping on these, but it’s all mental. Once you get used to it, you will be able to have a good night’s rest.
  3. Take the Slower Transportation – If flying is too short for you to take advantage of sleeping while traveling, take a bus ride. When you are sleeping, you won’t mind that the bus ride is 7 hours.
  4. Avoid Taxis and Welcome Public Transportation – Tourist usually take taxis since it’s the laziest way to get from point A to B. Consider the subway or buses because it’s sometimes easier and it is much cheaper.
  5. Driving is Not Bad – Want to take that 1 hour flight? With airport security and all the hassle of airport inefficiencies, you might as well drive there (it takes just as long and it’s less expensive). Once you get there, having a car is also much easier than needing to take your bags everywhere.

* Currency *

  1. Watch That Currency – If you never really had a preference in travel destinations, consider the exchange rate when you travel. This sometimes makes the biggest difference.
  2. Getting Cash – Many exchange centers have very bad exchange rates so don’t go there. Search the internet to find out good places to get cash in the local currency. For example, a quick search tells you that the best exchange rate is found at the airport and using ATMs in Taiwan and France respectively.
  3. Try Using the Local Version of the Same Website – Due to the rapid change in currency rates, it could be much cheaper to book using the local currency. How do you do that? Go to the local version of the same website.

* Accommodations *

  1. Staying in a Town Next Door – Sometimes the smaller towns close to where you are going have hotels that are much less expensive. If you don’t mind the 15 minute ride, you might just save that bundle.
  2. Home Exchanges – These are pretty cool and popular especially in Europe. Your trip might not be as romantic as The Holiday (movie with Cameron Diaz and Jude Law) but if you are of the adventure type, this could be exciting and refreshing).
  3. Ask – Sometimes smaller hotel chains are willing to give you free upgrades (or even free nights). If you already have a reservation booked elsewhere, call them up and tell them that you would consider changing if you can get an additional night free.
  4. Vacation Home – If you are staying at a destination for at least a few days, consider a vacation home instead of hotels. They are often are more comfortable and your cost will probably be cheaper.
  5. Suites – Instead of having two rooms, consider the two-bedroom suites that some hotels provide. They will end up being cheaper and you get just as much privacy with your own room.

  1. Duty Free – Many airports have duty free shops that you can take advantage of. They might not be the best deal around if you don’t consider taxes but tax-free might make it the least expensive option.
  2. Don’t Forget About Possible Tax Refunds – Some countries let you get all or part of the retail sales tax back. You might have to fill out forms and show proof but if large purchases are made aboard, it can save you a bundle.

* Alternatives *

  1. Tourist Spots May Not be That Hot – Many countries have tourist spots that aren’t really the most interesting places to go to, not to mention that everything is more expensive around that area. If you’ve been to that place already, there’s no point seeing it again and again. Instead, go to local areas and observe life. It might just spice up your vacation.
  2. Walk Around – If your destination isn’t that far away, consider asking the locals directions and walking there. It’s a great chance for you to see the city and take pictures.
  3. Enjoy the Local Version – Many consumables are less expensive when it’s made in the country you are visiting. Consider trying their local beer, coffee or food. You might be surprised at how great and cheap it really is.
  4. Be a Little Flexible with Travel Days – Many prices are based on supply and demand, so sometimes it’s much cheaper to leave the day before (or after) instead. Look around the dates of your travel plans and see if spending an extra day is worth it. This makes a difference especially around major holidays.
  5. Book a Bundle – There are many package deals that saves you money if you book hotels and flights together. Basically, the more business you can give them, the better discount they can give you.
  6. Go Off Season – Everyone wants to ski or go to Hawaii in the winter. Consider this type of vacations in off-peak times (going skiing in the spring time for example). It’s cheaper and less crowded.
  7. Travel Around Home – Overseas travel might be your dream vacation but there are actually many places close by that is very interesting as well. Check out those lesser known places and the local experience might very well be great.
  8. Try Booking at Different Times – Online sites sometimes have rates based on the time and day of the week you book. Try different combinations and see if you can get a better deal.

* General *

  1. Bid Your Own has a great system where you can name your own price on flights, hotels and car rentals. If the same offer is available, I’ve always saved money bidding for it.
  2. Discount Everything – Some countries have discount stores (I’ve seen one in Japan for example) where they sell all kinds of tickets at a discount. In that store, I’ve even seen gift cards for department stores so if you are buying something anyway, those stores will give you an instant deal.
  3. Don’t Give Up Looking for Deals – Even if you have your plans set, keep trying to look for deals. Reservations can often be canceled with a full refund so if you find a last minute deal that fits into your plans, take advantage of it. (I went to Las Vegas recently and saved half my hotel cost since a last minute deal happened to fit my itinerary so it really works)
  4. Reward Points – Even if you aren’t a frequent traveler, sign up for those reward programs since you might qualify eventually. It’s all free anyway and if you finally get enough points, you can get always get something free.
  5. Go to the Grocery Store – Even if you are away from home, chances are high that there are grocery stores where you are traveling to. It’s worth it to take a trip there and get snacks, water, and everything you need for your trip since hotels overcharge.
  6. Age, Student and Membership Discounts – Many attractions like theme parks, museums and others have discounts for senior, children or students. If you are traveling, remember to take your ID and membership cards (e.g. AAA card) with you that might qualify you for these.
  7. Group Discounts – We all know there are group discounts everywhere. To take advantage, team up with a few friends and go to the same destinations together. You can even set it up so there is no obligations to be everywhere together.
  8. Talk to the Locals – Be friendly and chat with them. Sometimes, they will tell you where to eat and some may even offer you to stay over (works best in small towns).
  9. Mini Tours – I’m not talking about bus tours that takes days but one day tours that take you to many different places within the city. Not only will they take you to places you probably want to visit anyway, the bus driver is usually quite entertaining and informative as well.

    Dont forget to eat healthy

    1. Pack your own snacks

    Remember Michael Pollan’s food rule about never buying fuel for your body where you’d buy fuel for your car? The same goes for airports. If you pack healthy snacks before you leave, you’ll never have to stop at gas stations or convenience stores when your stomach starts to growl.

    Pack smart, portable foods: reusable containers of nuts, pre-washed and cut vegetables with hummus (if you have a cooler), almond or peanut butters, easy-to-transport fruit such as apples or bananas, containers of berries, dried organic fruit, homemade trail mix, protein bars, pre-portioned oatmeal, sliced cheese, whole-grain crackers or rice cakes, sandwiches

    2. Water is your best friend

    Sip water frequently and generously. If you’re traveling within North America or Europe, take a reusable water bottle and present it for refilling whenever you’d normally order a drink. In the rest of the world, it’s a better idea to stick with bottled water.

    To reduce waste, buy the biggest bottle of water possible, keep it in your hotel room, and refill your reusable water bottle throughout the day.

    If you’re flying, be sure to fill up before boarding the plane to help stay hydrated. Turn down offers of sugary drinks like fruit juice or soda.

    3. Reduce alcohol consumption

    I know it’s hard on vacation, especially if you’re staying at a resort with an awesome bar, but consider the end of it — you want to show off pictures, not extra pounds, right? If alcohol consumption is a must, then commit to drinking only within certain hours. Drink a glass of water after each alcoholic beverage that you consume. Choose ‘cleaner’ options, such as vodka soda, wine, or a Bloody Mary, and keep away from sugary mixed drinks.

    In places where the water supply is questionable, beer is a very safe and hygienic option because it’s kept sterile and is served in a sealed bottle.

    4. Give priority to vegetables

    Too often vegetables get neglected while travelling, although it’s important to consider where you are. Within North America and Europe, it’s safe to order a large salad and eat it before ordering a main course, which you may not want afterwards. Elsewhere in the world, use your discretion. I’ve always eaten plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit while traveling in South and Central America and have never gotten sick, though I’m far more careful in Asia.

    Consider vegetarian menu options, which are often lighter, healthier, and lower in saturated fat than meat-centric dishes. Cooking vegetables makes them safer.

    5. Eat according to the hour

    There’s a saying that goes, “Eat like a king for breakfast, a prince for lunch, and a pauper for supper.” If there’s any time to load up at a buffet, it’s definitely breakfast, which gives you the whole day to digest. By eating less in the evening, you’ll feel less bloated, full, and lethargic, and you may sleep better.

    Remember to nibble on snacks throughout the day, which will make you less inclined to gorge at mealtime. Think of the day’s food intake in terms of 5-6 small meals, rather than 3 large ones.

    6. Don’t add unnecessary sugar or salt

    Eating a lot of restaurant food makes it hard to limit salt and sugar intake, so don’t pick up the saltshaker just out of habit. Keep away from those fancy mixed coffee beverages that are made with sugar syrups, i.e. chai or other flavoured latte, mocha, London Fog, French Vanilla cappuccino, etc.

    7. Visit a grocery store or food market instead of a restaurant

    In a foreign country, this can be an interesting cultural experience. No matter where you are, buying food at a store is a great way to save calories and dollars and gives you control over portion size more so than at a restaurant.

    Buy sandwich materials, or go á la français with a selection of hard cheeses, a good salami, and baguette. Many North American supermarkets have great pre-made salads. Grab some fresh fruit and go have a picnic.

    Many developing countries have fantastic street food vendors. If the food is hot and cooked through, it’s usually safe, though once again use your discretion.

    8. Find a kitchen

    If you’re staying in a hotel for a few days, look for one with a kitchen. You can call ahead to ask for a microwave and fridge, at least. Apartment rentals are also a good option for stays longer than 3 days and can give you control over food preparation.

    9. Eat a treat a day

    You’re on vacation, so of course you want to indulge. There’s nothing wrong with that, as long as you place limits on it. By committing to a single decadent treat per day, you won’t feel as though you missed out, nor will you feel uncomfortable by the end of the trip.

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Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine And Luke Wood Launch The Beats By Dr. Dre Pill At The Beats Store In Soho, NY

Beats co-founder Jimmy Iovine responded to a recent fine levied by the NFL against 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick for wearing Beats headphones during a post-game interview. Iovine said that he was glad players considered Beats ‘cool’ and that the company had gotten millions of dollars worth of publicity out of the media coverage surrounding the ban and subsequent fine.

Iovine also recounted how the Beats brand got started when he ran into Dr. Dre on the beach one day. Dre told Iovine that his lawyer had suggested that he start a line of sneakers. Iovine told Dre that no one would buy his shoes, and told him that instead he should get into speakers and headphones, leveraging his fame as a music producer to back the quality.

Iovine also praised Apple’s decision to buy Beats as a “smart move” and compared it to hiring Angela Ahrendts to run the company’s retail arm.

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netflix kids featured wide

Netflix continues to be everyone’s favorite babysitter: 75 of the kids shows currently on Netflix have attracted more than two million viewers in the U.S. alone this year, and more than a dozen kids titles even have an audience of more than five million viewers. The company revealed this nugget in its letter to investors Wednesday — a day that otherwise wasn’t the greatest for the streaming service: Investors punished Netflix in after-hours trading for slower-than-expected growth, sending stock down 26 percent. But at least the kids still love Netflix…

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1) Bear wrestling matches are prohibited. 2) It’s a crime to harm yourself to avoid work.


3) You cannot sponsor a fake wrestling match. 4) While it is legal to shoot bears, waking a sleeping bear for the purpose of taking a photograph is prohibited.


5) Mine workers may not write obscene messages in toilet stalls. 6) It’s illegal to leave fishing poles unattended.


7) Electrocution of fish is prohibited. 8) Pinball machines cannot give more than 25 free games to a high scorer.


9) If a frog dies during a frog-jumping competition, it may not be eaten later on. 10) You must warn buyers if your house is thought to be haunted.


11) In Boulder, it’s illegal to roll a boulder on public property. 12) In Aspen, snowball fights are illegal.


13) It’s against to law to cut down a tree to hunt a racoon. 14) A bushel of potatoes must weigh exactly 150 pounds.


15) You can’t advertise by billboard a person’s marriage in another state. 16) It’s a crime to sell the hair of a dog.


17) In Broward County, it’s illegal for female hot dog stand attendants to wear g-strings. 18) In Miami, dancehall windows cannot be dirty.


19) Selling the tail of a squirrel is banned. 20) It’s a crime to move a trout from one lake to another.


21) It’s a crime to use imitation milk in a milkshake without warning. 22) In Maui County, you are subject to a fine if you are building an atomic bomb.


23) A restaurant cannot sell eggs from another state without warning. 24) You could face 30 days in jail if you sell flour that isn’t enriched with vitamins.


25) A seller of reptiles must advise the buyer not to kiss them. 26) Happy hours are not allowed.


27) It’s illegal to fish with your bare hands. 28) Stores cannot sell cold beer.


29) In this landlocked state, surfing while drunk is prohibited. 30) Children under ten may not shine shoes.


31) To modify the weather, you need a permit. 32) Restaurants serving margarine must post a warning sign.


33) It’s illegal to handle reptiles during church services. 34) All new lawyers must swear an oath to refrain from dueling.


35) If you are marching in the Mardi Gras Parade, you are banned from throwing fish. 36) At sports events, you may not insult or disparage the players.


37) It’s a crime to place green crabs next to soft-shell crabs. 38) You may not barter for a bear.


39) A person keeping a disorderly house can serve six months in jail. 40) You may not possess more than three turtles at a time.


41) Owning explosive golf balls is a crime. 42) Gift certificates must be good for at least seven years.


43) It’s a misdemeanor to swear in the name of God. 44) It’s a crime to use bad language in front of a woman.


45) You can’t hunt with a ferret. 46) One cannot sponsor a greased pig contest.


47) It’s illegal to challenge someone to a duel. 48) You may not steal an animal struck by a railroad car.


49) Pretending to be blind to get money is against the law. 50) It’s a crime to catch more than eight bullfrogs a day.


51) In Kalispell, all pool tables must be able to be viewed from the street outside a billiard hall where they are located. 52) Your water sprinkler may not get a passersby wet.


53) In Ogallala, it’s illegal to disturb public dirt. 54) In Lincoln, bowling alleys must be called Public Bowling Centers.


55) Hotel bed sheets must be at least 98 inches long. 56) You may not use obscene language in front of a dead body.

New Hampshire

57) You aren’t allowed to harvest seaweed at night. 58) It’s against the law to import wolves.

New Jersey

59) In Haddon Township, you can’t flirt with someone against their will. 60) In Patterson, an ice cream peddler may not be annoying.

New Mexico

61) Cloud modification without a permit is a crime. 62) It’s a crime to get on a ski lift while drunk.

New York

63) You can’t walk in public with an ice cream cone in your pocket on Sundays.

64) In New York City, butchers must grind hamburger meat in plain view of customers.

North Carolina

65) All garbage fed to a pig must be thoroughly cooked. 66) Checking into hotel rooms under a false name is a crime.

North Dakota

67) Falsely claiming to be married is a crime. 68) Kangaroo boxing is a crime.


69) Splashing water while fishing with a net is a crime. 70) It is illegal to disrobe in front of a man’s portrait.


71) You can’t use a yo-yo to fish. 72) It’s illegal to break into a prison.


73) Hunting in cemeteries is not allowed. 74) It’s a crime to possess more than two undeployed car airbags.


75) In Harrisburg, you can’t wear lead nipple shields. 76) A fortuneteller can’t charge money to try to shorten someone’s life.

Rhode Island

77) You aren’t allowed to wrap a freshly caught fish in newspaper. 78) Stealing stone walls is a crime.

South Carolina

79) You need a permit to paint with turkey feathers. 80) Fishing with dynamite is prohibited.

South Dakota

81) Shooting animals from airplanes is a crime. 82) In Deadwood, casinos may not hang signs that say “Casino.”


83) Importing skunks is not allowed. 84) In Nashville, roller skaters must proceed in single file.


85) It is illegal to take more than three sips of beer at a time while standing. 86) You are not allowed to fish from a bridge.


87) Drunk-driving laws do not apply if you are riding an animal. 88) “Look no hands” while riding a bike isn’t allowed. You must keep at least one hand on the handlebar.


89) In Middlebury, more than one person cannot ride on a skateboard at a time. 90) Use of foreign fats in dairy products is prohibited.


91) It’s unlawful to cast a spotlight on a hen house that causes the poultry to panic. 92) Realising more than 50 balloons per hour is not allowed.


93) In Everett, you cannot display a hypnotized person in a store window. 94) In Bremerton, you may not throw garbage into someone else’s container.

West Virginia

95) An unmarried couple living together can be sent to jail. 96) You’ve heard of no drinking and driving, but in West Virginia it’s also no drinking and skiing.


97) Livestock have the right of way on highways. 98) Cheddar cheese must be “highly pleasing.”


99) Opening a gate and not closing it is a crime. 100) It’s like shooting fish in a barrel…not in Wyoming where shooting fish is not allowed.