American poison

Posted: June 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

As the sun rise the soldiers prepare to come home mentally drained from the war and glad it was over Sargent Zack called home to his wife But the phonewas disconnected he did not let it worry him he wanted his return To be a surprise anyway. He gave his brother Paul a call just to touch base and Received some disturbing news that his wife and son lost the house and where Living with them Paul was telling him that president scoot did not think that The armed forces deserved any special treatment and they were just doing there Job so a bill was passed called project equal which would take all the benefit’s And raise taxes for everybody in the us Zack could hear no more he told Paul hewould see him later today as zack arrived back home he was greeted by Paulhis wife elen and Tyler his Paul drove zack around and show  him how everything looked normal but sources told him that the president would be addressing the press tomorrow zack was truly unhappy and called his commander  To try to set up a meeting with the president  to clear the air .Zack waited in the oval Office and was approached by the president briefly with unpleasant words what my Do with my country is none of your concern thepresident said but family lost their  homes and have no food said zack do youknow you are hurting hundreds of family’s  with these new bill you are about to sign and why should I care the economy is what’s important jar head and I will sacrifice who I have to in order  make it right  you think you slut  wife or your worthless son is going to change my mind you are mistaken said the presidentwatch yourself  sir  is that a threat soldier no sir just a zackwalked away he knew that thing would go from bad to worse he got home and had a talk with his wife. I think the homeland is about to change my love said Zack to his wife what makes you say that the talk with the president didn’t go well and Zack goes on to explain how the conversation went and at the end she told him I support you and love you forever do what is right. 3 mouths pass and protesters are at the benefits building chanting no project equal and as they chant four black trucks pulled up. Spec ops got out with guns drawn and the commander gets out and yells if you don’t leave we have orders to shoot. The chanting stops and the crowd backs up elen walks up and says welcome to American poison  and walks away and says fire. the crowd pulls out guns and began to open fire on  spec ops.The story hits the news and infuriates the president he joins forces with north Korea out of desperation as north Korea prepared to send their army south Korea joined with American poison and launched an attack disabling north Korean Tec and sent a million drones armed with mini  war heads and destroyed north Korea. Zack and the vice president Luke knew to keep America safe he had to catch president scoot alive and have him impeached and locked up in a prison far away forever so they launched their final plan. Elen approached the president after being almost shot by thepresident personal guard the Somalian pirate’s elen got close to him and made it seem like she was in fear for her life he did not buy it nor did he trust her so she began to kiss and touch him softly. meanwhile zack his brother and some fellow seals made it  in the headquarters where elen was  at with president scoot they ambushed the President while other followers made easy work of his untrained guards  The president was impeached and locked away forever while  a new leader of America was elected. And American poison Stayed hidden and watched over America and a more watchful on internal and external threats .


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