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It has been 5 days since the mutation first transformed his Muscle mass has doubled along with his strength. But something is troubling me Cause with his most recent transformation its developed symptoms of a zombie we Have been allowing him to feed on dead human flesh only for the hormones and if his hunger for human flesh grows we will destroy him and cancel the project Today we will try live human flesh some guy on death row a real creep I mean What’s the worst that can happen

Death row inmate: let me out of here you think this scares me do you know who I’am.

The creature rips off the mouth of the man and began to feast. 

Hours after  ………

I can’t believe it the mutation it is incredible he has Transformed into some kind of a mega zombie he can’t be contained he killed Every one I called for help he was behind but I think I ditched him (as the Doctor whispers) I think I hear someone at the door maybe its help (the doctor Screamed and begin to choke on what it sounded like his own blood)






Its been 5 days sense we have been here we found the doctor Well, what was left of him along with his personal log this beast has taken out A dozen of our guys and the transformation are a nightmare I witnessed it in Action it’s at least 9ft tall and a 1000pds how did they make such a monster With an increasing hunger for human flesh they won’t send any more backup Something doesn’t seem right ……………

 I have been in Kirkland city and Have been monitoring the second experiment he is in his final form and is Unstoppable phase 1 is almost done Mr. status is waiting for me back in the lands With an update on phase 2 all this for the ultimate destroyer I hope he knows  what he is doing said William. 

 Back in Kirkland city Mr.status had arrived at the base and the look on his face explained it all

 It seems the creature surpassed my Expectations in strength and size I have some of my best men with me but if They only knew they were bait they would have never signed up

 Mr. Status the beast is in the basement what do we do said the soldier.

Before status could respond the building shook with a roar That turned elite trained killers faces blue.

 go down stairs and surround it keep Me  up-to-date when you get a visual. So Down the stairs they went but before they could reach the final level The lights went out

 What’s going on down there? Said status.

 Sir I can’t see wait a minute I have my Night vision goggles. 

 Tell me something

 (with fear in his tone) sir there Dozens of them looks like the beast can pass on a weaker version of his Infection on to his victims’ they’re just standing there.  Oh!!!! No wait  No!

 I have to get out of here.

As status ran for an exit he heard a loud crumble and all he Could see before the derbies blocked his vision was this huge human like form Jumping outside giving the world a warning with his loud roar as he disappeared Into the darkness.

Then Out of the blue with anger in his voice

Hammerick and his men arrived he got word that the beast escaped. Are you happy now you have single handedly released a beast that will spread a virus that you had no Idea it couldspread.

 You have some nerve you son of a bitch do we need to Talk about your experiment gone wrong.  

 IT’S CONTAINED you fool

 It killed six of my men you call that contained.

 They provoked him besides he is Contained and is here being prepped to destroy your beast.

My men will find and capture him And we will see who the king of beasts is said status.

6 months pass and it’s no secret that this monster  zombie is on The rampage thousands are infected even more are dead James status is closing in.

 We are close I think he knows we Are here

Sir we have him in our sights Waiting for your word.

Ok good lower the bait in the Container.

Sir  the bait has been placed sir he is Going for I can’t believe it

 Shut up fool or he will hear you  now drop the container

Got him sir whoa rah.

 Load him up prep him for Kirkland City 

 Yes sir

Hamerick phone rings


Hello hamerrick its time.

Ok  see you in Kirkland city.

Both beasts were released on Kirkland city millions were Killed status and his men were slaughtered at the hands of his own creation William was nowhere to be found  but when It was all over standing at the top of the mountain of bodies was a transformed Michael hector with the head of William hamerick in his hand with the on Looking survivors chanting king of beasts.

You all will bow before me my time is now any threats to any human will face me Hector the king of beasts. 

Months later after everything died down rebuilding started and  ew villains surfaced  they were  hunters who heard of a new beast that was like no other. And they would kill everyone they had to find it.


To be continued 



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