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you cant tell us where to film

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you cant tell us where to film.


you cant tell us where to film

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This business should be shut down its wrong in so many ways this shit makes no sense.

ImageThe greatest fear is the fear of failure people limit themselves to a box because fear poisons there thoughts. You won’t apply for the job because you think you’re not good enough or he is scared to talk to her because she will reject him. failure and rejection are a part of living making the greatest steeping stones but in order to get to the steeping stone you have to be willing to take a risk and move forward fear can be a friend and an enemy hell it just depends on how you use it for example you don’t fear the lions so you jump in the cage with them and get what a dumb ass person gets when they invade a lions personal space destroyed that’s when not having fear can get you killed but here is when fear can help you times are hard and you think about robbing a bank but you fear the outcome if you get caught .it also depends on your way of living I read this book called millionaire minds and one thing all the millionaires had in common was the fear of not trying and it makes sense because you have some people out here that fear taking risk and that leads to having regrets fear has allot of faces some good some bad I’m not saying walk around in constant fear but just don’t ignore it completely because the cousin of fear can also be common sense.Image

Image1.  Has this person given me the kind of commitment I want?

The “C” word–I know. (But the people who have made “commitment” into a “dirty” word are the ones who don’t want to give it to you. Why should what you want be a bad thing?) Now, by commitment, I don’t mean marriage. But maybe you want to know that a guy isn’t going to sleep with other people or date other people before you have sex with him. Maybe you want him to agree to being your full-on boyfriend before you do the deed. If you’d prefer some level of commitment before you have sex–and you don’t have it yet–it’s fine, great, even stupendous to wait until you DO (or don’t) get it. It’s great to know exactly where you stand before you make a decision. 


2.  Are there too many emotional risks for me?

In the heat of the moment, you may be tempted to take emotional risks. But before you do–maybe even before you go out for the night–ask yourself: Do I feel too emotionally vulnerable to have sex now? Might I feel bad tomorrow–or next week–if I have sex with this person? Am I giving in to this guy even though I’d rather not? If you’ve answered YES to any of these, I’d skip the sex for now. 


3.  Do we have protection?

Always, always use it. You don’t want STDs or a unplanned baby. If he doesn’t have a condom, send him out to get one, or refuse. It’s that simple. No excuses. And even if you’re dating a guy exclusively, I’d wait until you’ve both had two STD tests–the second one six months after the first–until you try sex without a condom. (It can take as long as 6 months after exposure for certain STDs to show up.) 


Think that sounds too strict? Well, consider this: Do you know that a guy who has 365 one-night-stands a year–and uses a condom every time–is less likely to have an STD than a guy who spends the year with only 3 different partners, whom he dates one at a time–but who stops using protection with them after the first month of the relationship? 


4.  Am I totally wasted, dude?

Skip the sex if you’re drunk or on Ecstasy or whatever. (What do you kids take these days?) It’s not that fun when you’re loaded, anyway. And if you’re taking a hallucinogen, heavy petting–simply stroking someone’s hair or arms–is fun enough, no? 


(Not that I’m encouraging you guys to trip on acid or anything. In fact, I did my fair share of psychotropic drugs back in the day, and after all that I’ve subsequently read about the permanent damage to your brain, your spinal cord fluid and all the rest, I SURE wish I hadn’t. IT WASN’T WORTH IT. But if you’re gonna do it anyway, don’t have sex, too!) 


5.  Can I trust this person?

Don’t just hope for the best. If a potential sexual partner has pressured you, embarrassed you, insulted you or hurt you, step back so I can get in there and punch him. Hee haw–only kidding. But seriously: Don’t have sex with him if he has. Have sex with him only if you feel completely comfortable–and you can trust him 100%.


On November 2 you can help raise millions of dollars for sick children by sitting on the sofa and playing video games.

Just like the weekend athletes who collect donations from family and friends for every mile they race in a charity run, thousands of gamers will be enlisting their networks to support them in a marathon of a completely different sort.

This novel fund raising idea is sponsored by Extra Life, which is now a part of the nonprofit Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Players can sign up to play for this charity at any time throughout the year. But November 2 is Extra Life’s annual game day.

And because this year the day ends with clocks falling back an hour, they have upped the challenge from a 24- to a 25-hour marathon of gaming.

Would anyone really support gamers spending an entire day just playing? And would gamers sign up for such a thing? Even Extra Life founder Jeromy Adams was unsure.

Back in 2007, he reached out to a gaming community calledSarcastic Gamer to see whether they would donate a few games to Tori Enmon, a young girl who was going through cancer treatment in his local hospital.

Jeromy Adams hoped video games would help Tori Enmon through her cancer treatments.
Jeromy Adams hoped video games would help Tori Enmon through her cancer treatments.
Jeromy Adams started Extra Life in honor of Tori Enmon, who passed away in 2008.
Jeromy Adams started Extra Life in honor of Tori Enmon, who passed away in 2008.

He received such an overwhelming response from gamers all over the world that he and Tori had to spend the next few months trying to find enough hospitalized kids to take all the games. Adams says he realized that gamers were the ideal audience for a good cause. Here, he thought, is a group that loves trying to save the day and be the hero.

“Gamers are not the stereotype of the angry pale kid in mom and dad’s basement,” he said. “They are more likely to be the mom and the dad.

“We are some of the most connected people on the planet. We communicate more efficiently, and we want to make a difference. Despite these expert qualifications, nobody really asks us for our help.”

Tori succumbed to her cancer in 2008, and Adams started Extra Life that year in her honor. Since then, his faith in gamers has been more than proven. Every year thousands of new players sign up, and to date they have raised more than $4 million.

Are gamers really the giving type?

The argument could be made that some gamers might be signing up so they finally have an excuse to spend a whole day playing without the guilt that they’re wasting time.

But other charities have started to tap into this audience, and they have also found a giving community. The charity Child’s Play is celebrating its 10th anniversary of gamers giving back, and in 2012 it received more than $5 million in contributions. And then there is the philanthropy, Humble Bundle.

Humble Bundle is a unique online store that sells a rotating collection of games at a price determined by the purchaser. The buyer also gets to select what percentage of that price will go to the game’s developer, the Humble Bundle team, and how much goes to a selected charity.

Humble Bundle’s Will Turnbull and his team were nervous when they offered their first bundle in 2010. What would gamers do? If they were just trying to get the lowest price possible for these games, the model would never work.

The team hoped to raise $200,000 with that first offering. Instead, they brought in more than $1.2 million, with about $350,000 of that going to charity.

“We were totally floored to see that people were willing to give more than the minimum,” Turnbull said. “It changes the message that this is just a discount … We really trust the consumer to do the right thing, and they have proven that trust, and the charity part is incredibly integral to that.”

On Humble Bundle purchases, the default portion that goes to charity is 20%. In most cases, Turnbull said, buyers slide that percentage up to give more to charities like the Electronic Frontier Foundation, charity:water and the American Red Cross.

To date, Humble Bundles has raised more than $25 million for charities.

Adams keeps a picture of Tori Enmon at his desk at work as he prepares for their big marathon.

This year he is looking to expand his gaming audience. Extra Life is inviting everyone who plays any type of game, whether it is sports, board games, even live-action role-playing.

He says he believes the generous spirit he found in video gamers is a universal trait that just needs an opportunity, and perhaps the incentive to have some fun.

That, he says, is what Tori showed him, from a hospital bed full of games and a determination to find a child for each one.


best phone ever

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this is the future

costume madness

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costume madness.

costume madness

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Halloween Dress up Ideas