Posted: October 27, 2013 in AIDS, PARENTS
we are in a day where in order for two people two engage in sexual activity they want to see a current aids test to ensure that they are not passing it to them.  s.t.d’s are the greatest enemy two our youth next to gun violence.   they no longer meet in person they rather meet online and phone chat lines so then you meet a person and you have a few things you have to worry about on your way to the meet are they who you saw in the picture will they like you and are they free of s.t.d’s parents don’t teach their kids anything anymore because they two focus going out and turning up. because if that parent was being a parent then there child would have a better outlook on life and not have two worry about a aids test because they would surround themselves with a better class of people and they would have no need for chat lines because they would focus on loving themselves before they love anybody else. Don’t destroy your child’s life by doing nothing be a parent and raise a winner. 

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