Don’t Let fear stop you from living

Posted: October 30, 2013 in Uncategorized
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ImageThe greatest fear is the fear of failure people limit themselves to a box because fear poisons there thoughts. You won’t apply for the job because you think you’re not good enough or he is scared to talk to her because she will reject him. failure and rejection are a part of living making the greatest steeping stones but in order to get to the steeping stone you have to be willing to take a risk and move forward fear can be a friend and an enemy hell it just depends on how you use it for example you don’t fear the lions so you jump in the cage with them and get what a dumb ass person gets when they invade a lions personal space destroyed that’s when not having fear can get you killed but here is when fear can help you times are hard and you think about robbing a bank but you fear the outcome if you get caught .it also depends on your way of living I read this book called millionaire minds and one thing all the millionaires had in common was the fear of not trying and it makes sense because you have some people out here that fear taking risk and that leads to having regrets fear has allot of faces some good some bad I’m not saying walk around in constant fear but just don’t ignore it completely because the cousin of fear can also be common sense.Image


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