A great author to be on the look out for Ms.andrea reid

Posted: November 1, 2013 in Uncategorized
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About the Author

Andrea Reid was born and raised in Syracuse, New York where she lived with her parents and 3 brothers. As a child, Andrea was very musically inclined. She took piano lessons for approximately 5 years and taught herself to play the drums. She sang in the church and school choirs. She enjoys singing music of all kind but is partial to gospel music. She graduated from Nottingham High School and attended Syracuse University. She has an associate degree in Business, a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and is working on a nursing degree. She is a single parent and very proud of her four sons. When her twin sons were diagnosed with autism, she dedicated a lot of time and energy studying and researching autism. She takes pride in sharing her journey with others. She has a goal to help as many people as she can through sharing her story. She believes education is knowledge. She goes out into communities, schools, churches and organizations speaking with parents, grandparents, adolescences, teenagers, physicians, teachers, clergymen, and anyone else who will listen. She strongly feels that Autism Speaks and it’s time to listen.      you got to get this book you can find it on andreareid.tateauthor.com 


Also Barnes & Noble website or Amazon.com.Image

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