Three people are dead tonight after a murder-suicide in Glen Burnie. The suspect, 37 year old Christopher Robinson, was a Baltimore city police officer. I

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3 Dead in Murder Suicide in Glen Burnie, Shooter Was Baltimore City Police Officer

Updated: Monday, October 28 2013, 09:50 AM EDT
Three people are dead tonight after a murder-suicide in Glen Burnie. The suspect, 37 year old Christopher Robinson, was a Baltimore city police officer.  Investigators say he shot and killed his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend, before turning the gun on himself.

The victims are 26 year old Marie Hartman and 27 year old Andrew Hoffman, who was a Baltimore city firefighter and paramedic.  

Marie’s parents, Ed and Pam Chaney, spoke with FOX 45 about the tragic ordeal, praising Hoffman for his heroic efforts to save their daughter.
Ed Chaney fondly recalls his daughter’s laugh – “She loved to laugh at everything” – and the shock their family felt Sunday morning when they learned what happened.

Chaney says that after his daughter Marie ended her relationship with Robinson, he continued to send her messages, flowers and gifts in an effort to win her back.  Still, the Chaneys did not think those gestures could become so violent.

“We had met Chris before. He seemed like a very nice guy, very cordial.  We never suspected anything like this,” says Ed Chaney.

Robinson was a U.S. Marine and became a Baltimore City Police Officer in 2009.  

Sunday morning, officials say Robinson tracked down Marie at her new boyfriend’s home in Glen Burnie.  Marie’s sister was there too and answered the door when Robinson knocked, around 1:30 AM.

Marie’s boyfriend, Andrew Hoffman, told the women to go into a back room.  He then confronted Robinson, who allegedly pulled out his gun and shot Hoffman.  Robinson then fired at Marie Hartman, killing her too, before he shot himself.

Marie’s sister hid in a closet, then escaped through a window and ran for help. 

Marie’s grief-stricken parents are praising Hoffman for his heroic actions, trying to protect their daughters.

“Andy did off-duty was he does on-duty, and with honor.  He was a hero,” says Ed Chaney.

Funeral arrangements are now being finalized for the young couple. “He made her happy.  She told me he was the one,” adds Pam Chaney.

Marie Hartman has just finished school and had plans to become a police officer.  She leaves behind a 6 year old son from a previous relationship.
Hoffman’s family issued a brief statement via email to the media: “It’s hard to imagine going forward without him, but we know Andy died a hero.  That is the way he lived his life and we couldn’t be prouder of him.”

Sunday afternoon, the fire station where Hoffman worked on Hollins Street is shrouded in black, as his colleagues mourn their loss.  Hoffman was a third-generation firefighter with Baltimore City.


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