Is technology striping today’s children of there child hood

Posted: November 2, 2013 in Uncategorized
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It has its good and bad features now don’t get me wrong it’s always good to stay updated on technology of today reason being the world we live in is flooded with tech and the children have to be introduced  at a you age for future educational purposes but some kids are not monitored and hide behind there tech and the bad part on technology shows its ugly face one of those faces being


Cyber bullying


While there is no clear-cut answer to the question if technology is, or isn’t, harmful to kids, cyberbullying demonstrates one of the most negative aspects that comes along with media use. Cyberbullying includes intimidating, harassing or embarrassing another child by e-mail, text, posting on a chat room, posting on a social networking site or some other similar type of media outlet. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Healthy Children website, the easy accessibility and anonymity of technological devices both contribute to the growing trend towards cyberbullying. Harmful outcomes that may result from cyberbullying include sadness and depression, fear or avoiding school and social situations.




Video games


if not monitored can be a problem While the repetitiveness of video games can actually help to strengthen brain-cell connections, these games may also result in lower scholastic achievement, increased aggressive or violent thoughts, increased aggressive behaviors, obesity and attention-focusing issues.



what ever happened to taking your child outside I know the world we live in today is different from the word you came up in but that don’t mean you have deprive your child of a childhood kids don’t even ride bikes no more because you want to shelter them and let the iPod or the Xbox be there baby sitter wake up and find the right job or go into business for yourself so you can be the parent your child need get up and stop being so dam lazy and take your child outside and put up that means put up the iPad,the iPod,the nook,the kindle and anything else with a screen. And don’t let technology take you child’s childhood.


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