Easy Home Security Steps to Help Protect Your Home and Family

Posted: November 6, 2013 in Uncategorized
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The current economic crisis has affected almost everyone in the country. However, the crisis has not only reduced the amount of income you may expect, but has created an increased crime rate that seems to be nationwide. Home invasion and burglary have always been a problem, but they are increasingly prevalent in today’s world. How can you keep your home safe from this threat? What can you do to protect your family from the threat of home invasion? Here, you will find a few simple steps that you can take to help reduce that chance that your home will be targeted by a burglar.

Yard Signs and Window Decals – Studies have shown that homes with yard signs and window decals provided by a security company such as ADT enjoy a tremendous amount of safety from home invasion. Burglars seeing a yard sign declaring that the property is protected by a home security system will usually go in search of an easier target. Thieves do not want to be caught – it defeats the purpose of their profession. Therefore, they will target homes that have the least amount of protection, rather than risk being caught breaking into a home with security.

Yard signs and window decals can be used even if you do not have a security system. However, you must ensure that they are highly visible from the road and that they remain in good condition. For instance, place a yard sign in the front yard near the edge of the road to warn any prowling thieves that your home is not an easy target. Place window decals in the lower floor windows in prominent locations. You must also ensure that you replace these before they become worn and faded. A faded yard sign can indicate a lack of protection to a thief.

Yard Maintenance and Care – The state of your yard has a lot to do with how susceptible your home is to invasion. For instance, a thief is much more likely to target a home with large overgrown shrubs around the base of the home than they are a home that has neat bushes and is well maintained. Caring for your yard is an excellent way to reduce the amount of cover a potential burglar will have.

Make sure that any bushes around your home are kept neat and trimmed at all times. In addition, consider transplanting any shrubs growing at the base of the home to another location in the yard. Trees near the home pose another threat; burglars are more than capable of climbing large trees to second story windows, where security protection is usually light. Keep trees near your home trimmed and cut back any branches that extend toward your home.

Of course, the best course of action to ensure your protection is to have a professional home security system installed. According to the FBI, this is the most effective method for protecting your home and should be the very first thing that you do.also arm your self and be responsible 


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