Black friday is overrated

Posted: November 8, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Everyone thinks black friday is so great but i personally think it is overrated. The deals aren’t even that good and it is a huge freak show every time. It appeals to the worst part of our culture, the greedy consumerism. I am just not a fan.You can get just as good, if not better sales long before Black Friday ever starts. My shopping has been done for a while now. I didn’t have to fight crowds, rude people, dangerous shit for brains idiots on the road. I got a few bargains (I don’t worry that much about sales, because they’re often rigged), and now I can sit at my house in leisure and comfort while some dumbass is sleeping in a cold, wet tend at Best Buy just to save 40 cents on the latest kardashian trash on is some of the black friday great times 


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