Smart Shoe shopper Vs the dumb shoe shopper

Posted: November 20, 2013 in Uncategorized
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So many kids are getting killed over shoes and spending tons of money as well. When it gets to a point where you have to pay your rent or buy your shoes your priorities are screwed up and they know where to put stores like shoe city, down town locker room, at they put them where money and fashion come before home structure along with originality and it makes me sick. Have you ever been in a neighborhood where when a new pair of shoes comes out you will see at least 20 people within a block radius have the same pair of shoes? it’s getting to the point where you have just as many people   getting killed over shoes like people getting killed over drugs or money and the shoes they get killed are more for looks than comfort shoes like Jordan’s and Nikes  are no good and they can be expensive too what the hell money don’t grow on trees here are some good brands to check out



Under Armour,

and if your going to check out nike check out  Nike Pegasus Running Shoes

and please stop buying $200 shoes 

and by shoes that wont hurt your pockets  and comfort your feet 



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