household weapons too use to fight off someone in your house

Posted: December 5, 2013 in Uncategorized
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First thing first if someone gets in your house call the police but we no the cops won’t arrive instantly and the intruder knows that as well so if you dont have a fire arm or a dog here are a few house hold weapons you can use 


A Clothes Iron.

Improvised Weapons

Yep just a plain old clothes iron can make a great weapon in a tight pinch. After all, you have a long cord with metal prongs at one end to use as a whip to keep the intruder at bay (at least by a few feet). Then, when you have an opening, you have a nice heavy, solid, blunt end to smack them with. Trust me, hitting him on the side of the head with a clothes iron will go a long way toward ending the fight. Plus, if you’ve ever been smacked with an electrical cord you know that can do more than just sting a bit!


Wasp Spray.

improvised weapons for self defenseHave any wasp spray at home? Notice how that stuff has a nice long range? Ever notice the warning label telling you not ingest it or get it in your eyes? Ever think of shooting it into a home invaders eyes? Just think of it as using wasp spray as self defense pepper spray. Is it going to get the burglar to give up and flee? Maybe, maybe not. Is it going to give you one hell of an advantage? YES!



A Kitchen Knife.
Self Defense techniquesObvious I know. The only thing I have to say about this one

don’t be a victim protect your house 


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