Posted: December 29, 2013 in life, Uncategorized
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where did I go wrong I just saw some art that was lines in different colors that sold for fucken $10,000 I’am in the wrong busines can some body give a  pack of crayons and a big ass piece of paper SO I CAN MAKE SOME MONEY and people get mad when you say hey that looks like something my 5 year old son did and then some french up tight bitch looks at you with her high ass check bones and says it is art but you are deprived  of such a gift uh no bitch I no art and I no shit and looking at this picture and your face is making my stomach bubble AND SHE SAID WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE i SAID I’M GRIZZLYJONES2012@WORDPRESS.COM GO FUCK YOUR MOTHER THEN SHE SAID NO HOW ABOUT I FUCK YOU


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