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SO I HAVE A DISEASE CALLED LYMPHEDEMA i HAVE HAD IT FOR A FEW YEARS AND FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE IT OR NO SOMEONE THAT DOES HERE ARE A FEW THINGS YOU CAN DO TO CONTROL IT DIFFERENT KINDS OF EXERCISE  FIRST AND FOREMOST THIS IS WHAT IT IS.   Lymphedema is an uncomfortable disorder in which fluid from your lymph glands drains and accumulates in the tissues of your arms or legs. Until recently, exercise was not recommended for patients with lymphedema, for fear that activity would worsen the condition. However, new research shows that exercising can be beneficial Talk to your doctor before beginning any exercise, and follow her precautions and guidelines 

Exercise Benefits

Exercising with lymphedema can assist swollen lymph nodes in draining fluid away from your affected area, carrying the fluid through your body to the kidneys, where it is excreted as waste. Resistance exercises approved by your doctor can increase the pumping action that moves fluid back to your chest and decreases swelling in your lymph nodes. Deep breathing is also beneficial, as it it stimulates normal lymphatic activity. The National Lymphedema Network — NLN — advises you to wear a compression garment during exercise and that appropriate cautions are taken to prevent fatigue and overuse of your affected limbs.


A patient with lymphedema in the legs may benefit from performing deep abdominal breathing exercises. Ten deep and slow abdominal breaths—prior to other forms of exercises—stimulate the thoracic duct, the part of the body where the lymph fluid from the legs ultimately drains. With increased lymph fluid flow and drainage, lymphedema in the legs decreases.



Swimming is an excellent exercise for patients with lymphedema in the legs. Water exerts an external pressure on the legs. This pressure aids the transport and drainage of lymph fluid in the skin back into the lymph circulatory system. Swimming can stimulate the lymph vessels. According to the National Lymphedema Network, swimming “…enhances cardiovascular fitness, effective weight management and overall health and may specifically benefit lymphedema patients by improving venous and lymph flow.” Swimming is also one of the few exercises patients with lymphedema can perform without wearing leg compression garments.


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