Some bosses are shit heads

Posted: January 21, 2014 in Uncategorized
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I have had my time and have dealt with many mangers before I became my own boss and have noticed that they all fall into categories first one is the structured boss the one that expects the best and used to be in that same spot as you more than likely has a military backround and dont take shit off anybody but will reward you for your hard work

The Scheming Boss: He is the most dangerous of them all, always plotting to fire one person or the other. They are highly manipulative while being extremely intelligent, highly motivated and focused. His way to the top is through firing workers which he says is benefiting the company; in reality he is worried about protecting himself and his position. Being honest and acting with extreme care is the best policy when dealing with this type of boss.

The Fear Monger: The attrition rate of this boss is high because of the fear and psychosis he creates. No one wants to continue working with him; often he fires them himself before they can quit, because he thinks fear is the only way to motivate employees to work. Changing your job, and fast, is the way to deal with him.

The Just-A-Minute Boss: He is an impatient man but not rude. He wants everything to be done on the fly. He has many things in his head while talking to you and so may be unable to grasp anything you said. The next day he may surprise you with a ‘you-didn’t-tell-me-this’. These types hardly complete any tasks, so be prepared for big workloads at anytime. Keeping evidence of your communications (possibly through emails), or completing the communication/task on the spot is better.

The Shouting Boss: The psychology of shouting bosses is that they can get the things done only by shouting. They don’t mind shouting at anyone, anywhere. Although shouting is a sign of impatience, it is also because they want to be recognized on the spot. Satisfying their ego by listening to them calms them down. Further, executing their instructions will get them your respect. yeah right tell this ass hole to kill his self 

  1. axiomatika says:

    i hate the Fear-monger most. i had such a boss. he “let me go” because of a misunderstanding on his part. asshole

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