This called poetry

Posted: April 14, 2014 in Uncategorized
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This thing called poetry can be like a storm with dark clouds brighter skies not cold nor warm

This Thing called poetry is like a weird  divorice you can take the car and the house but don’t you touch my Newports
This thing called is like the one that got away you only read it once but you think about it everyday
This thing called poetry it’ll have you on your knees smiling while you cry a caged mind that’s free
I invite you to my world feel free to go with me and see how I view this thing called poetry. 
and if it becomes a time you cant comprehend the is not possible for your poetry grows from within.
it can be the  way you think 
the way you breathe
the way you live
the goals you achieve
the way you laugh 
the way you cry
that hurt you feel when you love one die
this world we live in is so unique
you call it earth I call it poetry 
this thing called poetry 



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