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Best Careers Without a Degree

Police detective

Human Resources Corporate Recruiter

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the ten top paying jobs for non-degreed individuals require certain levels of experience and on-the-job (OJT) training. In addition, there are many jobs that require postsecondary non-degree awards. The certification and licensing programs vary in length of time and requirements.

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Top Ten Jobs for Non-Degree Careers

The following positions come with an impressive annual income and require a high school diploma or equivalent in order to qualify for consideration.

1. Managers

This listing includes all manager positions that don’t appear in separate listings for non-degree managerial jobs. These managers come from a wide variety of industries and each has its own set of requirements just as each company sets job-specific skill sets and experience levels. The titles include Security Manager, Supply Chain Manager and Wind Energy Project Manager.

56% are self-employed, while the others work for all levels of governments.

  • Annual Income: $96,450
  • Experience: One to five years
  • OJT: Long-term

2. Transportation, Storage, and Distribution Managers

These managers are responsible for the operations of railroads, specialized freight trucks, warehouses, storage facilities and other shipping facilities. They oversee budgets and implement policies and standards and oversee direct procurement. Many of these jobs are with various levels of government. One thing to consider is that 20% of these managers put in over 50-hour work weeks.

  • Annual Income: $80,210
  • Experience: More than 5 years, most have been supervisors within their industry
  • OJT: Long-term

3. First-line Supervisors of Police and Detectives

These first-line supervisors are responsible for training staff and overseeing various police operation tasks. They also guide and coordinate with their officers and detectives the process of criminal investigations. They have attended police academy, trained in use-of-force policies and crowd-control techniques. Employment opportunities are with state and local government.

  • Annual Income: $78,260
  • Experience: One to five years
  • OJT: Moderate-term

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4. Administrative Services Managers

Administrative Services Manager job duties to any organization or department is to serve as coordinator to support services. The specific job can be for facility maintenance or records and information management. Other responsibilities include the oversight of budgets, staff hires, supply procurement and maintenance of equipment.

These positions are found in many industries, especially in construction and healthcare. Expect long hours, ranging 50-hours or more work weeks.

  • Annual Income: $77,890
  • Experience: One to five years
  • OJT: Moderate

5. Nuclear Power Reactor Operators

The operators of nuclear power reactors are responsible for monitoring the plant systems. They must adhere to operating safety guidelines. This requires checking for problems and various issues and then making any needed adjustments when necessary. The operator must also handle hazardous materials such as nuclear fuel elements.

All operators are licensed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The license requires three years of experience in a power plant, one year of training and an operating test and written exam.

  • Annual Income: $75,650
  • Experience: Four years
  • OJT: One year

6. Elevator Installers and Repairers

Elevator installers and repairers are responsible for the maintenance of elevators, moving walkways, escalators, and various types of lifts. The majority of these jobs are begun as an apprentice. Many states require licensing. You must be able to lift and carry heavy equipment and parts. You can expect overtime as well as rotations of being on call.

  • Annual Income: $70,910
  • Experience: Apprenticeship
  • OJT: Moderate

7. Power Distributors and Dispatchers

Power plant operators, distributors, and dispatchers have responsibility over the systems that generate and distribute electric power.

  • Annual Income: $68,900
  • Experience: Varies
  • OJT: Long-term

8. First-Line Supervisors of Non-Retail Sales Workers

First-line supervisors of a non-retail sales force have hands-on responsibility for the daily activities of their staff. In addition to supervising, their other duties often include budgeting, accounting, and personnel work.

  • Annual Income: $68,880
  • Experience: More than five years
  • OJT: Long-term

9. Detectives and Criminal Investigators

Detectives and criminal investigators often bear the titles of agents or special agents. Their duties include collecting evidence and gathering facts surrounding crimes or suspected crimes. They have many tools and work with various departments and agencies, including forensics and IT. These positions can be employed by federal, state and local governments. Depending on the department and specialty, there is ongoing training offered.

  • Annual Income: $68,820
  • Experience: One to five years
  • OJT: Moderate-term

10. Fashion Designers

Fashion designers create original designs for clothing, accessories, and footwear. They do this by sketching their designs and then selecting fabrics. Usually, they have a shop of employees who then follow the designer’s instructions on how to make the products.

Jobs are in manufacturing and apparel companies, retail stores, theater and dance companies and various design firms. Formal training isn’t required, but many prefer to have skills in various CAD programs and design principles.

  • Annual Income: $64,530
  • Experience: Apprenticeship
  • OJT: Long-term

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Does it pay to work for a temp agency

Posted: October 16, 2013 in life, money, work
It’s a sign of the times

Temp agency’s where never out of the picture but there were never in as much as they are now. You can land a better job through a temp company than you can being hired directly and it bothers me because a temp agency will pay a worker 7$ per hour but collect triple that per hour  from the company they are leasing the temps  to. Also you can be on an assignment for years and not build up any sick time vacation time it’s a rip off now not all temp agencies are like this. But the ones that are its sickening and these companies that use temps some of these company’s treat there temps like trash. there is a temp agency whose name I will not say they have a client they deal with and the boss at this place is a real creep to the women that work for him my source tells me he likes to hold your job over your head hinting for a sexual return be she never gave in and that was why he ended her assignment early.  It’s not right because they prey on you because work is so thin so you get what you can. now it is one temp agency that is great with their people they really work with you  that’s ranstad they are a great temp agency to work for .so remember even though times are hard no your worth and stay from slum temp agencies.