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If it’s your first home or there’s a move in the foreseeable future, go with an already built home. Building is nerve racking and a giant hassle. Worth it if it’s going to be the home you grow old in, not worth it for a place you’ll move from in a few years.
Pro’s of an already built place:
– No dealing with contractors
– No annoyed neighbors
– Everythings already done for you
– Less time waiting to move in
Con’s of an already built place:
– You don’t get much customization
– The old owners may not be entirely honest, and home inspections don’t pick up on everything
– If it’s part of a housing tract, generally it’s of very poor quality and you may get more than you bargained for with future repairs because it’s cheaply built and falls apart easily
Pro’s of a custom/building your own:
– You get to customize more
– Sometimes cheaper
– Pride in the journey and seeing a project from start to finish
– Quality control and getting to know contractors, who (if they’re good ones) will usually try to get you the best quality and the best fit for your life
– Better energy efficiency in customs, as a general rule
Con’s of custom/building:
– Contractors aren’t always honest, reliable or on time
– Can get delayed by bad weather and unexpected land features, among other things

– Can be costly (depending on the level of customisation you want, the size of the home and what quality contractors you use, and of course the initial cost of the land + area taxes