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Ex-navy seal Chris Crusher returns home to find his wife Jenessa on drugs and his baby boy Jeremiah who is only 6 years old missing because she sold him for a fix to the black devils. The black devils are one of the most dangerous gangs in the state of Maine. They wore black hoods and masks; a low level street team that indulged in everyday drug deals, weapons,and gang violence. The higher ups for the gang have been known to take children that belong to junkies and raise them as killers to do high priority assassinations.  The children are put to a test at the age of 7 if they fail they are killed.
Chris reaches out to his brother Levee for help to search for his son. As Levee is in the pursuit of helping Chris he is also trying to deter him by trying to make Chris believe his son is dead because Chris is getting too close to finding out the truth. Unbeknownst to Chris, Levee is a board member of the black devils and also the one in charge of the children kidnappings. Chris uses his seal training to catch, torture, and kill individuals involved with the black devils in an attempt to get more information about his son’s whereabouts.
 In retaliation for the spilled blood of their fallen comrades; the black devils put a price on Chris’ head and Levee is behind it all. Chris starts to suspect his brother is hiding something because only Levee knew the ware bouts of Chris’ safe house. After having a conversation with Levee on the phone; moments later the safe house was shot up and blown up. Levee was made aware of the failed attempt which meant he had to take matters into his own hands. He waited a week later before calling Chris to make absolutely sure that everything had simmered down first. But little did he know Chris was already aware of his betrayal.
          Levee gave Chris directions to a warehouse where they should meet up. Chris knew that in order to leave the warehouse alive he would have to kill his brother. Chris arrived at the warehouse hours before the meet up time but Levee was already there. Chris approaches Levee; confronts him about his betrayal to which Levee denies the accusations. The conversation begins to escalate into a hostile argument. Out of a fit of rage and anger Levee pulls out a gun and points it in Chris’ direction. The lack of surprise on Chris’ face lets Levee know that Chris is on to him.
          Considering Levee plans on killing Chris anyway he gives him all of the information he desired to know and more.Levee explains that he is really Jeremiahs’ father and not Chris. He also tells him that Jenessa wanted Chris dead years ago because with him gone no one could interfere in the affairs of the black devils rise. Chris once again with a lack of surprise on his face smirks at Levee that he was already aware. Chris knew of his wife’s extracurricular activities she sometimes liked to indulge in but still that was no comfort. Chris looked at Levee with a stern look and asked where his son was! Levee answers with a gunshot to Chris’ chest.
          Levee approaches Chris to finish him off but only to receive a knife to the knee. Levee drops his weapon, Chris gets up and they begin to battle to where only one man will walk away. Levee pulls his knife out during the fight and jabs Chris in the side but the second of over confidence sealed Levees’ fate when he received a fatal blow to the neck. Chris kneels down to Levee and Levee whispers something in Chris’ ear giving him the real directions on where to find Jeremiah.
Chris heads home only to be received by Jenessa with open arms. Chris is confirmed of Jenessa’s betrayal by her not asking where his wounds came from. Chris then walks Jenessa into the kitchen, sits her at the table and softly speaks in her ear that Levee told him everything. He then pulls the knife he killed Levee with out; Jenessa starts to softly cry and tells Chris to tell Jeremiah that she loves him. Chris says nothing and a tear rolls down Chris’ cheek he then jabs the knife into the back of Jenessa’s head. Chris starts his journey to Australia to retrieve his son.
 Some would call Chris an unstoppable man on a mission but others refer to him as the Juggernaut.