1) Bear wrestling matches are prohibited. 2) It’s a crime to harm yourself to avoid work.


3) You cannot sponsor a fake wrestling match. 4) While it is legal to shoot bears, waking a sleeping bear for the purpose of taking a photograph is prohibited.


5) Mine workers may not write obscene messages in toilet stalls. 6) It’s illegal to leave fishing poles unattended.


7) Electrocution of fish is prohibited. 8) Pinball machines cannot give more than 25 free games to a high scorer.


9) If a frog dies during a frog-jumping competition, it may not be eaten later on. 10) You must warn buyers if your house is thought to be haunted.


11) In Boulder, it’s illegal to roll a boulder on public property. 12) In Aspen, snowball fights are illegal.


13) It’s against to law to cut down a tree to hunt a racoon. 14) A bushel of potatoes must weigh exactly 150 pounds.


15) You can’t advertise by billboard a person’s marriage in another state. 16) It’s a crime to sell the hair of a dog.


17) In Broward County, it’s illegal for female hot dog stand attendants to wear g-strings. 18) In Miami, dancehall windows cannot be dirty.


19) Selling the tail of a squirrel is banned. 20) It’s a crime to move a trout from one lake to another.


21) It’s a crime to use imitation milk in a milkshake without warning. 22) In Maui County, you are subject to a fine if you are building an atomic bomb.


23) A restaurant cannot sell eggs from another state without warning. 24) You could face 30 days in jail if you sell flour that isn’t enriched with vitamins.


25) A seller of reptiles must advise the buyer not to kiss them. 26) Happy hours are not allowed.


27) It’s illegal to fish with your bare hands. 28) Stores cannot sell cold beer.


29) In this landlocked state, surfing while drunk is prohibited. 30) Children under ten may not shine shoes.


31) To modify the weather, you need a permit. 32) Restaurants serving margarine must post a warning sign.


33) It’s illegal to handle reptiles during church services. 34) All new lawyers must swear an oath to refrain from dueling.


35) If you are marching in the Mardi Gras Parade, you are banned from throwing fish. 36) At sports events, you may not insult or disparage the players.


37) It’s a crime to place green crabs next to soft-shell crabs. 38) You may not barter for a bear.


39) A person keeping a disorderly house can serve six months in jail. 40) You may not possess more than three turtles at a time.


41) Owning explosive golf balls is a crime. 42) Gift certificates must be good for at least seven years.


43) It’s a misdemeanor to swear in the name of God. 44) It’s a crime to use bad language in front of a woman.


45) You can’t hunt with a ferret. 46) One cannot sponsor a greased pig contest.


47) It’s illegal to challenge someone to a duel. 48) You may not steal an animal struck by a railroad car.


49) Pretending to be blind to get money is against the law. 50) It’s a crime to catch more than eight bullfrogs a day.


51) In Kalispell, all pool tables must be able to be viewed from the street outside a billiard hall where they are located. 52) Your water sprinkler may not get a passersby wet.


53) In Ogallala, it’s illegal to disturb public dirt. 54) In Lincoln, bowling alleys must be called Public Bowling Centers.


55) Hotel bed sheets must be at least 98 inches long. 56) You may not use obscene language in front of a dead body.

New Hampshire

57) You aren’t allowed to harvest seaweed at night. 58) It’s against the law to import wolves.

New Jersey

59) In Haddon Township, you can’t flirt with someone against their will. 60) In Patterson, an ice cream peddler may not be annoying.

New Mexico

61) Cloud modification without a permit is a crime. 62) It’s a crime to get on a ski lift while drunk.

New York

63) You can’t walk in public with an ice cream cone in your pocket on Sundays.

64) In New York City, butchers must grind hamburger meat in plain view of customers.

North Carolina

65) All garbage fed to a pig must be thoroughly cooked. 66) Checking into hotel rooms under a false name is a crime.

North Dakota

67) Falsely claiming to be married is a crime. 68) Kangaroo boxing is a crime.


69) Splashing water while fishing with a net is a crime. 70) It is illegal to disrobe in front of a man’s portrait.


71) You can’t use a yo-yo to fish. 72) It’s illegal to break into a prison.


73) Hunting in cemeteries is not allowed. 74) It’s a crime to possess more than two undeployed car airbags.


75) In Harrisburg, you can’t wear lead nipple shields. 76) A fortuneteller can’t charge money to try to shorten someone’s life.

Rhode Island

77) You aren’t allowed to wrap a freshly caught fish in newspaper. 78) Stealing stone walls is a crime.

South Carolina

79) You need a permit to paint with turkey feathers. 80) Fishing with dynamite is prohibited.

South Dakota

81) Shooting animals from airplanes is a crime. 82) In Deadwood, casinos may not hang signs that say “Casino.”


83) Importing skunks is not allowed. 84) In Nashville, roller skaters must proceed in single file.


85) It is illegal to take more than three sips of beer at a time while standing. 86) You are not allowed to fish from a bridge.


87) Drunk-driving laws do not apply if you are riding an animal. 88) “Look no hands” while riding a bike isn’t allowed. You must keep at least one hand on the handlebar.


89) In Middlebury, more than one person cannot ride on a skateboard at a time. 90) Use of foreign fats in dairy products is prohibited.


91) It’s unlawful to cast a spotlight on a hen house that causes the poultry to panic. 92) Realising more than 50 balloons per hour is not allowed.


93) In Everett, you cannot display a hypnotized person in a store window. 94) In Bremerton, you may not throw garbage into someone else’s container.

West Virginia

95) An unmarried couple living together can be sent to jail. 96) You’ve heard of no drinking and driving, but in West Virginia it’s also no drinking and skiing.


97) Livestock have the right of way on highways. 98) Cheddar cheese must be “highly pleasing.”


99) Opening a gate and not closing it is a crime. 100) It’s like shooting fish in a barrel…not in Wyoming where shooting fish is not allowed.

Liver Detox food

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Why does the liver need a detox?

The necessity for detoxification or detox, comes from the concern that toxins are constantly bombarding and accumulating in our bodies. Toxins are chemicals with potentially harmful effects. While some toxins are more obvious, such as pesticides or environmental impurities, others are by-products of processed foods and some that the body produces but fails to effectively expel.

Problems with a Detox Diet:

Detox diets force you to temporarily give up certain kinds of foods and then to gradually reintroduce the them back slowly, while staying away from the unhealthy ones.  Symptoms may improve with a detox diet, but there is no evidence that this is due to clearing toxins from the body. Instead, improvements may result from what is and is not eaten and drunk on these diets.

Most natural liver detox diets lack science to support them. Any weight loss is usually from fluid and muscle loss and lasts while you are on it. Most people quickly regain weight once they go off the diet. Worse, especially if used long term, detox diets can cause harm.

Natural Foods better than any detox diet:

As it turns out, a balanced, proper diet may be more helpful than a detox diet. Our livers act as our body’s own personal vacuum as it sucks toxins present in the bloodstream, trigger and support healthy digestive functions through the bile and converts and distributes nutrients from the foods we eat.

Here’s our recommendation of natural foods that you can adopt in your current diet without the need to starve and will support healthy liver functions much longer than any diet:


  1. Beets and Carrots:  Carrots are rich in Glutathione, a protein that helps detoxify the liver. Both are extremely high in plant-flavonoids and beta-carotene; eating beets and carrots can help stimulate and improve overall liver function.
  2. Tomatoes: They have abundant amounts of Glutathione that is a great detoxifier of the liver. As a side effect Lycopene in tomatoes will protect against breast, skin and lung cancer.
  3. Grapefruit: Another source of liver cleansing glutathione is grapefruit. Also high vitamin C and antioxidants, boosts production of the liver detoxification enzymes and increases the natural cleansing processes that help flush out carcinogens and other toxins of the liver.
  4. Spinach:  Raw Spinach is a major source of glutathione that triggers toxin cleansing enzymes of the liver.
  5. Citrus Fruits: Lemons and Lime contain very high amounts of vitamin C, helps stimulate the liver and aids the synthesizing of toxic materials into substances that can be absorbed by water.
  6. Cabbage: The isothiocyanates (ITCs) made from cabbage’s glucosinolates provides liver detoxifying enzymes that help flush out toxins.
  7. Turmeric: Turmeric is the liver’s favorite spice and helps boost liver detox, by assisting enzymes that actively flush out dietary carcinogens.
  8. Walnuts: Walnutsare a good source of glutathione, omega-3 fatty acids, and amino acid arginine, which support the normal liver cleansing actions, especially in detoxifying ammonia.
  9. Avocados: The nutrient-dense super-food, avocado helps the body produce glutathione- compound that is necessary for the liver to cleanse harmful toxins.
  10. Apples: They are high in pectin and other chemicals essential to cleanse and release toxins from the digestive tract. Apples make it easier for the liver to handle the toxic load during the cleansing process.
  11. Brussels sprouts: Brussels sprouts are high in sulfur and antioxidant glucosinolate, which forces the liver to release enzymes that block damage from environmental or dietary toxins.
  12. Garlic: Garlic is loaded with sulfur that activates liver enzymes that help your body flush out toxins. Garlic also holds high amounts of allicin and selenium, two natural compounds that aid in liver cleansing.
  13. Dandelion: Dandelion root tea assists the liver in breaking down fats, producing amino acids and generally ridding it off toxins.
  14. Leafy Green Vegetables: Green Veggies are extremely high in plant chlorophylls that absorb environmental toxins, increase bile production, neutralize heavy metals, chemicals and pesticides, lowering the burden on the liver.
  15. Cruciferous Vegetables: Eating broccoli and cauliflower will increase production of enzymes glucosinolate in your system that help flush out carcinogens, and other toxins.
  16. Asparagus: Asparagus is a great diuretic helping in the cleansing process and sharing the detox load of the liver and kidneys.
  17. Green Tea: Green tea is full of plant antioxidants known as catechins, a compound known to assist liver function.
  18. Olive Oil: Cold-pressed organic oils such as olive, hemp and flax-seed are great support for the liver, providing the body with a lipid base that can suck up harmful toxins in the body.
  19. Alternative Grains: Gluten rich grains wheat, flour, or other whole grains increase the load on the liver’s detox function and enzyme production. Switch to alternative grains like quinoa, millet, and buckwheat in your diet.

Oscar Pistorius found not guilty of murder

Jay Hart

Yahoo Sports

Nastasya Tay, reporting from Courtroom GD in Pretoria, South Africa, contributed to this report.

Oscar Pistorius has been found not guilty of murdering Reeva Steenkamp.

The stunning development was revealed as Judge Thokozile Masipa read her summation of the evidence Thursday in front of a packed courthouse in Pretoria, South Africa, and a worldwide television audience.

Masipa has yet to hand down her final decision, which will come Friday. She did reveal in the waning moments of Thursday’s summation that she determined Pistorious to have been “negligent,” which means he could still be found guilty of culpable homicide, a conviction that comes with a maximum of 15 years in prison but carries no mandatory jail sentence.

“He acted too hastily and used excessive force,” Masipa said.

Pistorius also faces gun charges that carry potential prison sentences.

View gallery


Oscar Pistorius reacts during judgment at the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria. (REUTERS)

Oscar Pistorius reacts during judgment at the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria. (REUTERS)

But a murder charge is out, for the time being anyway. The prosecution can appeal the decision and, if they do, Pistorius could still be convicted of murder, according to legal experts contacted by Yahoo Sports.

All along, the prosecution pressed for a conviction for cold-blooded murder. But the Blade Runner has always maintained it was a tragic accident, that he shot his girlfriend in the pre-dawn hours of Valentine’s morning last year in a moment of terror, believing that he was protecting them both from an intruder locked behind a bathroom door.

In her summation, Masipa said the prosecution “failed to show requisite intention to kill the deceased, let alone premeditation.”

Masipa called Pistorius a “very poor witness,” saying he was “evasive” in the face of prosecution questioning. Still, in her opinion that did not warrant a guilty verdict on the charge of premeditated murder, or even dolus eventualis – the grey area between premeditated murder and culpable homicide.

Under dolus eventualis, if Pistorius should have foreseen that his actions could result in death, yet recklessly proceeded anyway, it still would have been considered murder in South African law. That would have come with a minimum sentence of 15 years.

Masipa ruled out any murder conviction based on several key factors:

• Phone records support Pistorius’ timeline of events.

Relying on phone records and “objective evidence,” including the timings of the Guard Track facility outside Pistorius’ home, Masipa appeared to accept the defense’s timeline of events, based on the athlete’s account of the evening.

• Witness testimony that Pistorius and Steenkamp were heard arguing prior to the shooting was not supported by the established timeline.

Masipa dismissed much of the testimony delivered by Pistorius’ neighbors, saying that many witnesses “got things wrong,” potentially because of media coverage of the trial and the fallibility of human memory. She determined that witnesses had been mistaken in their interpretation of sounds – confusing the sound of gunshots with the cricket bat breaking the toilet door, and Pistorius’ screams with those of a woman.

The interpretations of sound are crucial, as the state’s case largely hinged on the sequence of events. If, as several neighbors claimed, they heard a woman scream, then clearly Pistorius would have known who was behind the locked bathroom door before firing his gun. However, if it was Pistorius screaming, as he contends, then it follows his version of events.

Based on the state pathologist’s report on Steenkamp’s injuries, Masipa determined Reeva would have been “unable to shout or scream, at least in the manner described by the witnesses,” especially given the rapidity of the shots. The screams were likely a distressed Pistorius, Masipa found, contradicting the prosecution’s contention.

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Judge Masipa delivers her judgment in the trial of Oscar Pistorius. (REUTERS)

Judge Masipa delivers her judgment in the trial of Oscar Pistorius. (REUTERS)

• Pistorius relayed his version of events – that he thought an intruder had entered his home – minutes after the shooting took place, and that his version did not waver later in questioning. Masipa agreed with the defense that it would be “highly improbable” for Pistorius to have made up this story so quickly, and that his version remained unwavered throughout questioning even without access to his original statement or evidence from the scene.

• The prosecution’s case was built largely on circumstantial evidence.

Case in point, the series of WhatsApp messages the prosecution used to contend the relationship between Pistorius and Steenkamp was a rocky one.

“I’m the girl who let go with u, even when I was scared out of my mind to,” Reeva Steenkamp wrote in a text message to Pistorius less than three weeks before he shot and killed her.

“I’m the girl who fell in love with u and wanted to tell u this weekend but I’m also the girl that gets sidestepped when you are in a [expletive] mood. When I feel you think u have me so why try anymore …”

Masipa wasn’t buying this as evidence that Pistorius meant to kill Steenkamp.

“Relationships are fickle,” she said Thursday. “None of this means anything.”

She was also unmoved by other bits of circumstantial evidence – that Steenkamp brought her phone with her into the toilet meant she was in trouble; that undigested food in her stomach contradicted Pistorius’ timeline of events.

Masipa dismissed these arguments from the prosecution as “inconclusive,” explaining as such the court cannot use them to make any “inferences.”

Further, Masipa determined that Pistorius did not subjectively foresee killing whoever was behind the locked bathroom door, and that it is clear to her that he genuinely believed Steenkamp to be in bed, not in the toilet.

“To find otherwise would be tantamount to saying that the accused’s reaction after he realized that he shot the deceased was fake, that he was play acting merely to delude the onlookers at the time,” Masipa said.

Pistorius could still be convicted of murder if the prosecution chooses to appeal.

The main point of contention is the interpretation of the law around dolus eventualis. In her summation, Masipa said murder with dolus eventualis is when someone foresees they could cause death, but recklessly proceeds anyway. It could be argued that it should be interpreted as when someone ought to foresee they could cause death, but recklessly proceeds anyway.

However, if Pistorius is convicted of culpable homicide and the judge hands down a stiff sentence, it’s highly unlikely that the state will appeal. If she acquits him entirely, an appeal would be expected.

Informant’s phone calls lead to massive federal drug-dealing indictment in Baltimore

Mondawmin Mall logo

Mondawmin Mall logo ( / August 29, 2014)


The FBI had a busy day in Baltimore on Aug. 11, thanks to an informant’s flurry of phone calls setting up drug deals that resulted in federal charges against nine men. The informant, dubbed “CW1” in court documents, had been arrested with “several kilograms of both heroin and cocaine,” and proceeded to set up sales of the drugs to his customers so the FBI could arrest them.

Seven were arrested over a four-hour period that afternoon, when they arrived in succession at the Mondawmin Mall parking lot, allegedly prepared to purchase kilograms of cocaine and heroin from CW1, who had supplied them in the past. Two, from Washington, D.C., were arrested that night at the Haddon Hill Apartments in Northwest Baltimore, where one allegedly worked as a maintenance man; agents seized $216,140 in cash from a maintenance-closet cabinet there. In one case, a defendant allegedly expected a setup at the mall parking lot, thanks to an earlier call from his probation agent, who asked him if he’d been arrested by the FBI, and so he came to the deal without any money.

All nine were indicted Aug. 22 by a federal grand jury, which charged them in a cocaine-and-heroin conspiracy. Many appear to have prior federal convictions. The court documents portray a hectic schedule of wheeling and dealing as the informant and the men prepared for major drug transactions that lured the alleged dealers into the hands of waiting law enforcers.

First arrested were Dominic William “Nick” Parker of Gwynn Oak and Jermaine “Main” Cannady of Eutaw Place in Baltimore, after their 1:05 p.m. arrival at the mall’s parking lot. Earlier, at 9:27 a.m., CW1 called Cannady, who was convicted of assault in the 2000s after throwing scalding-hot baby oil on a fellow inmate who he also beat with a broom handle while he was serving time for a 1999 drug-conspiracy conviction, and told him to “call Nick” and “wake his ass up” because “I don’t want fat boy and any other them motherfuckers, just Yo” to come to the drug deal. Later, just after noon, Parker got on the phone with CW1 and said he had some errands to do first, but CW1 told him to come do the deal first—which he and Cannady did, and were promptly arrested.

Next up, after their 1:41 p.m. arrival at the mall parking lot in a white pickup truck, were Tavon Alexander Louis “Tay” Hopkins and Cornell Dion “Nelly” Brown Jr., both of Northeast Baltimore. Described as “multi-kilogram dealers” who CW1 “supplied with cocaine,” the court documents indicate that CW1 initially tried to get them to come do the deal with Cannady and Parker, with whom Brown was previously convicted on armed bank-robbery charges. A half-hour before their arrival, Brown told CW1 that “I’ma come get four” kilograms, and then, later, “I’ma come back [and] get ten.” After their arrests, agents found $157,000 in cash in the truck, enough to purchase four kilograms. Hopkins told agents he “knew it was a set up” because “CW1’s vehicle was far from other vehicles, like the police set it up,” and that “he told Brown that he needed to drive away.”

At 3:01 p.m., Donte Eugene Taylor of McElderry Park arrived at the mall parking lot, having enthusiastically received CW1’s news, delivered over the phone at 9:41 a.m., that kilos of cocaine and heroin were available. “You ready to see me?” CW1 had asked, to which Taylor responded, “Yeah!” The deal was for one kilogram of each drug, and CW1 told Taylor he didn’t need to bring all the money, just enough “so I have something.” At 1:49 p.m., Taylor told CW1 that “I’m just waiting on my little homie to get me” some money. When Taylor was arrested, he had $2,504.

Guy Bordes Agnant Jr. was the next arrestee to arrive at the mall parking lot, at 4:05 p.m. The Laurel resident has a prior conviction for involuntary manslaughter in a highly publicized case in D.C. after a car crash, in which he was driving a vehicle at 90 mph, resulted in a man’s death. Agnant was skeptical of CW1’s proposed deal, since in his prior purchases from CW1—which court documents say involved a total of about 25 kilos of coke—had occurred in Columbia, Maryland. Nonetheless, Agnant was intrigued, texting CW1 a question—”How far can you go?”—to which CW1 replied, “As far as you want to go,” meaning as much coke as he wanted. The agreed-upon amount ended up being 15 kilos, with Agnant bringing half the money up-front. But when Agnant arrived, he was empty-handed, and CW1 explained that “Agnant was very nervous as he had been set up before” and “was nervous about the change in their normal dealings.”

After his arrest, Agnant told officers “that he knew something was up today because his probation officer called him and asked if he had been arrested by the FBI.” FBI special agent Eric Nye contacted the probation officer, “who confirmed she had called Agnant” and asked “if he had been arrested by the FBI.” Agnant also told officers he didn’t understand why he was being arrested, since “I didn’t have any money on me, I just came to look at it.”

About 25 minutes later, Ronald Timothy “Little Ronald” Sampson of Windsor Mills arrived at the mall parking lot and was arrested. Earlier in the day, he’d told CW1 he wanted to buy a kilogram each of heroin and coke, saying, “I need to see you bad.” CW1 responded by saying, “I got you, I got you . . . on both,” adding that it would cost $75,000 for the heroin and for the cocaine, “I’ma say about 38, since it’s a drought.” At 3:40 p.m., Sampson told CW1 that “I gotta put the word out as we speak”—meaning he would be alerting his customers that he’s about to be flush with drugs—and added that “I got some cash for when I see you.” He was arrested with $10,500.

The last two busted due to CW1’s efforts were D.C. residents Antoine Demarr “Vito” Washington and Vincent Ronald “Cuzo” Cooper, who both appear to have prior federal drug convictions. CW1 “has sold over 40 kilograms of cocaine” to them in the past, the court documents state. In the Aug. 11 deal, Cooper allegedly agreed to buy seven kilos of coke, but only had enough money to buy six kilos. At 8:45 p.m., the two men arrived at  the Haddon Hill Apartments, where Cooper allegedly “was a maintenance man” who had “access to vacant apartments there to safely exchange the cash for the cocaine.” Washington was detained first, then Cooper was found “coming up from the vicinity of a basement storage door,” and, after agents detained him, they found a key to the maintenance closet, where they found “a large cabinet on the floor” in which was found “a brown paper bag containing” $216,140. Another $7,000 was recovered from Washington’s car.

Thus, thanks to CW1’s well-placed phone calls, law enforcers arrested nine alleged kilo-level drug dealers, some with serious criminal pasts, and seized about a half-million dollars in cash­. That’s an impressive haul for a day’s work.

– See more at:,0,4893268.story#sthash.Myemwtzj.dpuf

Charles Macavoy

Born and raised in Fulham, Charles Macavoy has rarely ventured far from home. After losing his parents when still in High School, Charlie went off the rails for a while, until childhood friends, Derek and Grace helped him fight his way back.

Fiercely loyal, with a protective streak that evolved into a desire to serve, Charlie now works for the Metropolitan Police in the Homicide and Serious Crime Division.

At the beginning of his career he was partnered with Nathan Morgan. Nathan was killed in the line of duty, a tragedy which shook Charlie’s foundations once again. His brother, Brad Morgan, one of the founders of Morgan and Fairchild, gave Charlie back his faith and the two have remained friends since, joining forces from time to time.

Charlie has a new partner now, Bobby Jones, and together they protect the city, viewing it as their own personal responsibility.

With a reputation for being tough, but fair, Charlie uses all the resources at his disposal and does not stop until justice is served.

Charlie Macavoy

Character Interview

By: ]Kathryn Jenkins




Q: Where do you presently work? And why did you choose this career for yourself?


A: I work within a murder investigation team, which is part of the Metropolitan Police Service. I’ve always felt a strong sense of duty, of responsibility for others. I don’t know where it comes from, but it’s the reason I gravitated towards the force.


Q: We have heard you have a reputation for being tough. Do you believe this has anything to do with your life experiences?


A: Our experiences definitely shape us, but I think the desire to protect and to serve is in my blood. My mother was a nurse and she loved her job. She was also an avid reader and was fond of referring to her favourite authors, especially if she had a point to make. She once said, ‘No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.’ It’s a quote by Charles Dickens and it’s one that stayed with me.


My expectations are high, so I demand the best in myself and others. It’s probably where the tough comes from, but I’d also like to think I’m fair.


Q: You and your partner Bobby Jones, are thick as thieves throughout, Hands of Evil. What helped you two create the bond you presently have?


A: I recognised the passion in him, the desire for justice. We’re a lot alike, so I know what he’s thinking because I’m thinking it too. It happens that way sometimes and I got lucky. We’re just in tune. He’s like my conscience, or my sounding board.


Q: There is a strong emotional tie between you and your childhood friends Grace and Derek that shows up on several occasions in, Hands of Evil. Can you tell us a bit about how you met each? And how you feel about them till this very day?


A: I went to school with Derek and he’s my brother in all the ways that matter. I know I can always count on him. I was in the last year of High school when I met Grace. She was tall for her age and way too thin, but she had this fire in her eyes that drew people in. It still does. I complained at first, made out she was cramping our style but she saw right through me. That hasn’t changed either. I inherited a little sister the day we met and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Q: Okay, so there is plenty of heat between you and Susannah. We are dying to know how you met her and your first thought was?


A: We met through Brad Morgan, who is the better half (sorry Kel) of Morgan and Fairchild. The moment I saw her, this petite, sexy woman with a voice that can make a grown man cry, I knew I was in trouble!





Pigs at it again

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Obama ‘heartbroken’ by Foley beheading but vows no letup in U.S. operations

Olivier Knox, Yahoo News

President Barack Obama pauses as he speaks about the killing of journalist James Foley in Syria during a statement in Edgartown, Mass., Wednesday, Aug. 20, 2014. The president said the US will continue to confront Islamic State extremists despite the brutal murder of journalist James Foley. Obama said the entire world is "appalled" by Foley's killing. The president says he spoke Wednesday with Foley's family and offered condolences. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

President Barack Obama pauses as he speaks about the killing of journalist James Foley in Syria during a statement …


President Barack Obama on Wednesday declared himself “heartbroken” by the beheading of U.S. journalist Jim Foley by ISIL extremists but defiantly vowed to press on with American military operations to cut the group’s “cancer” out of the Middle East.“Jim was taken from us in an act of violence that shocks the conscience of the entire world,” the president said from the makeshift workspace for media covering his Martha’s Vineyard vacation.

Obama said he had spoken to Foley’s parents and told them “we are all heartbroken at their loss and join them in honoring Jim and all that he did.”

His remarks came a day after the release online of a stomach-turning video showing a black-masked jihadi fighter from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS) beheading Foley in retaliation for U.S. airstrikes against the group in Iraq. The video also warned that the extremists would murder American journalist Steven Joel Sotloff if Obama did not halt the bombardments.

“The United States of America will continue to do what we must do to protect our people. We will be vigilant and we will be relentless. When people harm Americans anywhere, we do what’s necessary to see that justice is done and we act against ISIL standing alongside others,” Obama said.

CLICK IMAGE for slideshow: This photo posted on the website shows journalist James Foley in Aleppo, Syria, in November, 2012. The family of an American journalist says he went missing in Syria more than one month ago while covering the civil war there. A statement released online Wednesday by the family of James Foley said he was kidnapped in northwest Syria by unknown gunmen on Thanksgiving day. (AP Photo/Nicole Tung,

CLICK IMAGE for slideshow: This photo posted on the website shows journalist James Foley in …

The president also had a direct message to American allies in the Gulf region that have reportedly been funding and arming ISIL to fight forces loyal to Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad.

“From governments and peoples across the Middle East, there has to be a common effort to extract this cancer so it does not spread,” he underlined. “A group like ISIL has no place in the 21st century.”

Obama spoke shortly after the National Security Council disclosed that American intelligence officials had confirmed the authenticity of the video.

Across the Atlantic, British officials were scrambling to identify Foley’s masked killer, who spoke in English with what sounded like a British accent.

British Prime Minister David Cameron cut short his vacation to discuss the situation in person with top aides, and his office called the reporter’s slaying “shocking and depraved.”

It was not the first time that extremists claiming to champion Islam killed an American journalist. In February 2002, a Pakistani group released a video showing the beheading of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl.

A day after the release of that video, then-President George bush spoke out during a trip to China, saying all Americans were “sad and angry.”

“Those who would threaten Americans, those who would engage in criminal, barbaric acts, need to know that these crimes only hurt their cause and only deepen the resolve of the United States of America to rid to world of these agents of terror,” Bush said.


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