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Pitbulls ARE friends

Posted: October 13, 2013 in animals, pitbulls.dogs, training

If you are a pit bull owner you already fall in a category of having a vicious dog  I have over 10 years of experience with dogs and I wanna clear the air about pit bulls.

1. a pit bull was first bread in Europe for a sport called bull baiting  where they would take a bull,  release it then let two or three pit bulls go and attack the bull and let me clear up something you had to have money to attend so you might  the person doing this looks like this 
but really look like this and bull baiting was outlawed so then pitbull fighting started. and was also outlawed. have to socialize your dog a social pitbull is a happy pitbull for example  a person that’s always in the house never socializing with anybody  when they do interact with other people they feel lost the same rules apply for pitbulls if you don’t allow your dog to mingle on a daily basis and then you decide to take them to a dog park there going to become defensive and make the news and the image that will appear peoples heads will be this  and not this and  letting your dog socialize won’t stop them from protecting you or your house. have two exercise  your dog to burn that extra energy out so they wont tear your house up and then that keeps you from getting feed up and you show your pitbull the love they will show you.

P.S here is the true face of a pitbull