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Elijah wakes up in a cage, and can barely remember anything about himself or his situation. He fights his way alone to escape a building full of bizarre and deadly monsters, while learning disturbing truths about himself. Once he finds the way out, he has to pass it up and keep fighting to rescue hiw wife and child from his nemesis.

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has previously published three other books and various short stories, as well as spending two years as a journalist for The Michigan Daily Newspaper. He studied creative writing under the tutelage of Jonis Agee, author of “Strange Angels” and “South of Resurrection.”

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Melissa6 portrait Growing up in Ontario, Canada, M.J. was the only child of a single mom.  Her passion for the arts ignited at a young age as she wrote adventure stories and read them aloud to close family and friends.  The dramatic arts became a focus in high school as an aid to understanding character motivation in her writing.  Majoring in Theatre Production at York University, with a minor in English, she went on to teach both elementary and high school for 10 years throughout Simcoe County. M.J. currently lives with her husband and young son in Caledon, Ontario.  She keeps busy these days with her emerging authors’ website Infinite Pathways: hosting writing contests, providing editing services, free publicity tips, book reviews, and opportunities for authors to build their writing platform and portfolio.  In addition she writes articles and edits freelance as she continues her own creative writing working toward completing the next book in the Chronicles Series. Time’s Tempest: The Chronicles of Xannia (1) is M.J.’s debut science fiction novel.  She firmly believes that if she hadn’t been born a Virgo, she wouldn’t be half as organized as she needs to be to get everything done from one day to the next.

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Before we get to discussing the best position to get pregnant, let’s get one important thing straight first: you can get pregnant in any position-man on top, woman on top, standing, sitting, lying down or on all fours. Pregnancy happens when the male sperm enters the woman’s vagina and meets up with an egg on its way to the uterus up the fallopian tube. Ideally, this is possible with any sexual position that you assume.

Unfortunately, however, some couples do find it hard to conceive for several reasons, including weak or insufficient sperm count. In some cases, as when nature needs a boost, a little push from you and your partner can go a long way in getting pregnant. When it comes to the best position to get pregnant, the general rule is that the male sperm must be deposited as near to the female cervix as possible.

This has something to do with the life spans of the female egg and the male sperm. Once an egg is released from the ovary-a stage also known as ovulation-it begins its path down the fallopian tube to the uterus. A released egg typically survives for only 24 hours, while a sperm can last anywhere from three to five days in the female body. As such, the egg has to be as close to the egg as possible so they can meet and join before the egg dies.

While not a lot of people will agree that the sexual positions have anything to do with getting pregnant, the logical inference is that it makes sense to assume the position that can help the sperm meet the egg in the shortest possible time.

This is especially true when for couples who have problems or difficulty conceiving. Having said this, the first “best position to get pregnant” tip is to avoid positions that least expose the cervix to the male sperm, and that generally defy gravity such as sex while standing up, sitting down, or with the woman on top. When trying to conceive, it is best to limit the amount of sperm that flows back out of the vagina.

The woman’s hips should also be positioned in such a way that the sperm released is kept inside, giving it enough time to swim up to the female cervix.

Consider the following positions instead:

1. The missionary position, or man-on-top, is said to be the position that’s best for getting pregnant. This is because this particular position allows for the deepest possible penetration, making it possible for the sperm to get deposited closest to the cervix.

2. Elevating the hips, which can be done by placing a pillow behind her, can also be helpful because this exposes the female cervix to as much semen as the male can release.

3. The rear-entry position where the man enters the woman from behind is also a recommended position. In this position, sperm is also deposited closest to the cervix, thereby helping increase the chances of conception.

4. You can also try having intercourse while lying side by side. This position likewise causes the most exposure of the cervix to the male sperm.

5. Finally, while this has nothing to do with sexual positions, there are also researches that suggest the importance of the female orgasm in conceiving. According to studies, female orgasm leads to contractions that could push sperm up into the cervix. The lesson: have fun while trying to conceive.

Top 10 Sexy Female Movie Villains

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man:baby it was so good

women:ow daddy did you like it 

men: yes it was moist I need more please

women:you want more

man: yes please 

women: ok here you go

man: thank you baby you make the best pancakes ever

By Robert Weiss, LCSW, CSAT

For most adults, healthy sexuality is an integrated life experience. Sex with partners, with self, or as a part of exploring new relationships is usually a pleasurable act of choice. For the sex addict, however, sexual behavior can be most often defined by words such as driven, compulsive, and hidden. Unlike healthy sex that is integrated into relationships, sexual addicts use sex as a means to cope; to handle boredom, anxiety, and other powerful feelings; or as a way to feel important, wanted, or powerful. While sexual addiction is not defined by any particular sexual act, sexual addiction is defined by the feelings and activities surrounding sex. Patrick Carnes, Ph.D., in his groundbreaking 1978 book on sexual addiction, Out of the Shadows, helps to define sexually addictive behavior as sexual activity that often falls into one of three categories: Shameful, Secretive, or Abusive.

For most people sex is a pleasurable experience with few negative consequences. Sex addicts are more likely to define their sexual behavior with words like driven, secretive, and shameful than fun, playful, or intimate. Sex addicts repeatedly engage in the pursuit of sex and the sex act itself more as a means to tolerate emotional stress, distract themselves from past trauma, or to feel more important or powerful. You wouldn’t be diagnosed as a sex addict because you engaged once or twice in going to a strip club or seeing a prostitute; sex addiction is defined by how you approach sex and intimacy as a whole. Another way to look at this is through the lens of Dr. Patrick Carnes who in his groundbreaking book on sexual addiction, Out of the Shadows defined sexually addictive behavior as sexual activity most often involving Shame, Secrecy, or Abuse. Let’s examine this further.


Shame can be defined as a feeling of inner worthlessness or despair about ever being worthy or lovable. For the sex addict spending endless amounts of time, money, and energy going to strip clubs, getting sexual massages, maintaining multiple affairs, or masturbating night after night to Internet porn, the shame he feels about these acts reinforces an inner core of negative feelings that end up sabotaging his relationships, career, and self-esteem.


Secrecy is a hallmark of sexual addiction. Compartmentalizing a life of hidden sexual behaviors, the sex addict finds him/herself wrapped in a web of lies and manipulations, consistently hiding from those close to them, while using justifications, rationalizations, and outright denial to lie to themselves.


Abusive sex can run the gamut from manipulating someone or using your power over them get obtain sex to sexual offenses such as exhibitionism, voyeurism, sex with minors, and rape. Potential sexual partners are being abused when invited into situations they do not fully understand, when there is a clear inequity of power in a relationship, and whenever they can’t fully and openly consent to sex

When asked to inventory their past sexual activities, most sex addicts often uncover long histories of various types and degrees of problem acting-out, behaviors that often preceded their present problems. Recovery from sexual addiction, like any addiction, is a long road with many challenges and is a task best undertaken with a professional trained in sexual addiction treatment. The key to healing from years of hidden sexual acts, compulsive behaviors, betrayal, and lies is to have a strong motivation to get well and willingness to take the necessary emotional risks in honestly facing these painful issues in the presence of others who will not judge or label, but who will offer concrete direction and knowledgeable understanding.

how many sex partners is two many

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I was gonna blog about it but why not make it a open discussion how many sex partners is two many please don’t be shy I’m not asking how many partners you been with just what you think is to many

Every woman has that magic button that, when pushed, gets her instantly in the mood for sexy times. We asked 10 women to share what makes their panties drop, without fail.1. Have The Right Words: “Tell me I’m beautiful. Tell me I’m hot. Tell me I’m amazing. Then, I’m easy.” – Kelly

2. Take A Bite: “I’m boring with a ‘True Blood’ fetish—grab a handful of hair and bite me on the neck.” – Jenn

3. Pay Lip Service: “Be a good kisser. It’s pretty much as simple as that. I’m fairly choosy about who I allow to stick their tongue down my throat, but once that line is crossed, the only thing that will pull me back from the point of no return — the peen precipice if you will — is a dude who slobbers all over my face or has wicked halitosis.” – Lee

4. Get In The Kitchen: “Cook a great dinner for me. I’m talking good background music, a unique dish, a bottle or two of wine, maybe some flowers on the table (a clean apartment is a must, of course), a chocolate something for dessert, and I’m all yours.” – Amber

5. Use Your Hands: “Start with a foot massage, then ease into a back massage. Give me little kisses on the inside of my thighs, my neck and my breasts. And I’ll be putty in your hands.” – Carrie

6. Take Charge: “Planning a date from start to finish gets me in the mood instantly. Knowing you took the time to ensure we have a fun time together outside the bedroom, gets me amped to have a good time in the bedroom when we’re done. Only I’ll take charge of that one.” – Maggie

7. Flirt: “Sometimes when you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, the anticipation of seeing each other goes away. If a dude I’ve been with for awhile manages to recapture that early spark by sending me suggestive texts or touching me on the sly while we’re out in public, I will tear his clothes off when we get home like we’ve just gone on our third date.” – Emily

8. Be Patient: “Just don’t be pushy, as nothing is more of a turnoff than when a dude seems to expect it and gets cranky when it’s not happening. Be awesome and patient and hot, and eventually it’ll happen.” – Katrina

9. Get Competitive: “Maybe this is juvenile, but I love a challenge — literally. Dare me to beat you at pool, take me bowling and be amazed by my killer skills, and offer to give me whatever I want. If I win, will get you whatyou want too.” — Megan

10. Go Down: “Uh, oral sex, obviously. I am physically incapable of not boning if a dude goes down on me first. Fact.” – Annie

Image1.  Has this person given me the kind of commitment I want?

The “C” word–I know. (But the people who have made “commitment” into a “dirty” word are the ones who don’t want to give it to you. Why should what you want be a bad thing?) Now, by commitment, I don’t mean marriage. But maybe you want to know that a guy isn’t going to sleep with other people or date other people before you have sex with him. Maybe you want him to agree to being your full-on boyfriend before you do the deed. If you’d prefer some level of commitment before you have sex–and you don’t have it yet–it’s fine, great, even stupendous to wait until you DO (or don’t) get it. It’s great to know exactly where you stand before you make a decision. 


2.  Are there too many emotional risks for me?

In the heat of the moment, you may be tempted to take emotional risks. But before you do–maybe even before you go out for the night–ask yourself: Do I feel too emotionally vulnerable to have sex now? Might I feel bad tomorrow–or next week–if I have sex with this person? Am I giving in to this guy even though I’d rather not? If you’ve answered YES to any of these, I’d skip the sex for now. 


3.  Do we have protection?

Always, always use it. You don’t want STDs or a unplanned baby. If he doesn’t have a condom, send him out to get one, or refuse. It’s that simple. No excuses. And even if you’re dating a guy exclusively, I’d wait until you’ve both had two STD tests–the second one six months after the first–until you try sex without a condom. (It can take as long as 6 months after exposure for certain STDs to show up.) 


Think that sounds too strict? Well, consider this: Do you know that a guy who has 365 one-night-stands a year–and uses a condom every time–is less likely to have an STD than a guy who spends the year with only 3 different partners, whom he dates one at a time–but who stops using protection with them after the first month of the relationship? 


4.  Am I totally wasted, dude?

Skip the sex if you’re drunk or on Ecstasy or whatever. (What do you kids take these days?) It’s not that fun when you’re loaded, anyway. And if you’re taking a hallucinogen, heavy petting–simply stroking someone’s hair or arms–is fun enough, no? 


(Not that I’m encouraging you guys to trip on acid or anything. In fact, I did my fair share of psychotropic drugs back in the day, and after all that I’ve subsequently read about the permanent damage to your brain, your spinal cord fluid and all the rest, I SURE wish I hadn’t. IT WASN’T WORTH IT. But if you’re gonna do it anyway, don’t have sex, too!) 


5.  Can I trust this person?

Don’t just hope for the best. If a potential sexual partner has pressured you, embarrassed you, insulted you or hurt you, step back so I can get in there and punch him. Hee haw–only kidding. But seriously: Don’t have sex with him if he has. Have sex with him only if you feel completely comfortable–and you can trust him 100%.