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Elijah wakes up in a cage, and can barely remember anything about himself or his situation. He fights his way alone to escape a building full of bizarre and deadly monsters, while learning disturbing truths about himself. Once he finds the way out, he has to pass it up and keep fighting to rescue hiw wife and child from his nemesis.

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has previously published three other books and various short stories, as well as spending two years as a journalist for The Michigan Daily Newspaper. He studied creative writing under the tutelage of Jonis Agee, author of “Strange Angels” and “South of Resurrection.”

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Melissa6 portrait Growing up in Ontario, Canada, M.J. was the only child of a single mom.  Her passion for the arts ignited at a young age as she wrote adventure stories and read them aloud to close family and friends.  The dramatic arts became a focus in high school as an aid to understanding character motivation in her writing.  Majoring in Theatre Production at York University, with a minor in English, she went on to teach both elementary and high school for 10 years throughout Simcoe County. M.J. currently lives with her husband and young son in Caledon, Ontario.  She keeps busy these days with her emerging authors’ website Infinite Pathways: hosting writing contests, providing editing services, free publicity tips, book reviews, and opportunities for authors to build their writing platform and portfolio.  In addition she writes articles and edits freelance as she continues her own creative writing working toward completing the next book in the Chronicles Series. Time’s Tempest: The Chronicles of Xannia (1) is M.J.’s debut science fiction novel.  She firmly believes that if she hadn’t been born a Virgo, she wouldn’t be half as organized as she needs to be to get everything done from one day to the next.

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Ways to give back for christmas

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Here’s Stuff’s top 10 ways to give back:

1.) Give your time. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, resthome or hospice. Such places rely on caregivers who also need a break over the summer holidays.

2.) Donate to a foodbank. City missions or the local Salvation Army are a good place to take a food parcel. Many provide families with Christmas Day packages which include treats, so don’t limit your donations to tinned food and other staples. The SPCA, which often gets unwanted pets after Christmas, is another deserving place to take donations.

3.) Get your gifts wrapped by a fundraising stall. Many charities, including Mary Potter Hospice in Wellington, are providing gift-wrapping in exchange for a gold coin donation. This writer is wrapping outside Borders on Wellington’s Lambton Quay this Sunday!

4.) Buy charity Christmas cards or gifts. Oxfam offers itsunwrapped gift service where you can purchase “presents” such as goats, ducks, or seeds for planting. The recipient then receives a voucher stating the gift they have donated.


5.) Swap Secret Santa for Charity Santa. Instead of spending $5 on some unwanted item for a colleague why not get everyone in the office to put $5 in and then put their name and chosen charity into a hat. Who-ever’s charity is selected then gets all the money to donate to their selected cause.

6.) Clean Your closets. Do your children have toys or clothes that have been sitting, untouched, for a few years? Why not give these items to a charity store so other children can benefit.

7.) Visit a neighbour or elderly person. Christmas can be a lonely time, especially for the elderly living alone. Why not pop next door and say ‘hello’ and while you’re at it see if you can help with the Christmas shop, or perhaps posting some cards.

8.) Offer to babysit for friends or family so they can have a “date night” or a bit of a break from the kids during the busiest time of year.

9.) Make a New Year’s resolution to get more involved in your community. Sign up to coach a local sports team, dog walking for others or tutor kids with their exams.

10.) Do a random act of kindness! Buy some scratch tickets, pop them in an envelope with “Merry Christmas” on the outside and deliver to people on the street with a big smile.

$500 to Bike Santa

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Hello good people I will be filming a documentary interviewing people. The name of the doc is called the great divide which is about how the love of money destroys family’s and promotes betrayal and I need your help I’m looking for a charitable Donner to help me   with equipment cost mainly just a camera and mic I have a few places  in mind to visit different crowds of people not looking for any money just the right equipment. when everything is in place I would like to start recording in in February Thank you for all your help.

Tipping a Waitress $200

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Hello everyone my name is James Jones and I really want to help this family out for Christmas but i can’t do it by my self the family is a mother her 9 month old baby her 10 year old son and her 12 year old daughter they have fell upon hard times and I know for a fact they will not have a Christmas this year just like they did not have one last year besides what me and my wife did for them the mother is working allot but she bailey makes over nine dollars per hour and this year I really want to bless them with a great Christmas one they will never forget I no how it feels to be in that spot I have been there and this is me paying it forward and I really could use some help this is the real deal you can reach through my email with any question you may have at or my blog Together we can do this

 Backpacks for the homeless
Many homeless shelters collect school supplies for children. In Colorado alone, one in fifty kids is homeless, and far too many are struggling to get geared up for school. The Colorado Coalition for the Homeless does more than just distribute supplies: they host a day-long fair with hearing and eye exams, hair cuts, plus new supplies. Here’s how you can help.

 Find a Nonprofit to Support in Your Area
In Southern California, School on Wheels provides tutoring services, and needs help stocking backpacks for homeless children. In Illinois, the Walter and Connie Payton Foundation runs a school supply drive. Many school districts themselves collect supplies, like Boulder’s Crayons to Calculators program.

 Organize a School Supply Drive of Your Own
If you can’t find a group to support in your area, you might want to organize a school supply drive of your own. The Hands On Network has a simple 11-step plan to do just that.

Support Hardworking Teachers
Through Donors Choose, you can find teachers across the country who need just a little help to make an awesome project happen, from creative art projects to much-need math materials. Donors Choose makes it easy to find a project that aligns with your interests.

 Help Kids Play
How to help kids get out pent-up energy after a day sitting at a desk? Support after-school sports. If you have some gently-used sports gear, you can donate it to Sports Gift. The organization provides the donated equipment to athletes of all ages around the world.

 Donate Online for School Supplies
The Kids in Need Foundation is a national nonprofit that served over 2 million kids last year. You can support their work through a donation made on their website. Or, use GoodSearch, and each online search will lead to a donation to the Kids in Need Foundation, or another charity of your choice.



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5 Ways to Give Back on Vacation

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1. Pay it Forward in Orlando

Give Kids The World is a non-profit storybook resort where children with life-threatening illnesses and their families are treated to week-long, stress-free vacations that include visits to Central Florida’s most beloved attractions, such asWalt Disney WorldUniversal Orlando ResortSeaWorld Orlando, or the Kennedy Space Center.

The village fills 1,200 volunteer shifts every week, putting locals and visitors to work scooping ice cream, operating a carousel, distributing daily presents, and providing the evening entertainment during holiday parties. Give Kids the World’s location in Kissimmee, just three miles from Walt Disney World, makes it easy to scoot out of the theme parks for a few hours of volunteering that may well end up being the most magical part of your vacation.


2. Make Friends with Farm Animals in California & New York

Farm Sanctuary

(Farm Sanctuary)

If your kid loves farm animals, consider helping out with “affectionate socialization” of a few of the hundreds of rescued animals residing at Farm Sanctuary. In upstateNew York, Northern California, and Los Angeles, you can snuggle with pigs and sheep, feed chickens, and pet cows. Children will learn valuable lessons about what it takes to run a farm, how to care for a variety of domestic animals, and where our food comes from.


3. Monkey Around in Los Angeles, CA

Is your kid mad about monkeys? Encourage him get in touch with his inner primate at Gibbon Conservation Center, located in Santa Clarita, just north of LA. The center currently houses over 40 apes from Southeast Asia that swing through the trees and behave like the monkeys they are. Volunteers are constantly needed to maintain the  grounds, help prepare food, and produce educational materials. Your family can visit the center, view the animals, and help give back at the same time.


4. Lend a Hand in New York City

Heading to the Big Apple? Of course you’ll want to see the major sights, take in a Broadway show, and maybe do a little shopping. But if you can spare just a few hours, there are many easy ways to give back in New York City. In the devastation following Superstorm Sandy, New York Cares continues to provide aid to thousands of New Yorkers. Beyond Sandy relief, volunteers are needed year-round to clean parks, provide meals, or just play basketball with underprivileged kids. With a massive database of projects that’s searchable by date and NYC neighborhood, this organization makes it easy to find a way to help that suits your family.


5. Trailblaze in the USA

If your family loves hiking vacations, here’s an opportunity to help maintain those trails you adore. The American Hiking Society provides a list of many one- and two-day projects where volunteers can install stepping stones or remove debris so that hikers can enjoy our trails for years to come. Of course, the expansive outdoor playground is all around us, from the Adirondacks to the Virgin Islands, so there are always plenty of trails to maintain wherever you may be going.