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Elijah wakes up in a cage, and can barely remember anything about himself or his situation. He fights his way alone to escape a building full of bizarre and deadly monsters, while learning disturbing truths about himself. Once he finds the way out, he has to pass it up and keep fighting to rescue hiw wife and child from his nemesis.

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has previously published three other books and various short stories, as well as spending two years as a journalist for The Michigan Daily Newspaper. He studied creative writing under the tutelage of Jonis Agee, author of “Strange Angels” and “South of Resurrection.”

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Melissa6 portrait Growing up in Ontario, Canada, M.J. was the only child of a single mom.  Her passion for the arts ignited at a young age as she wrote adventure stories and read them aloud to close family and friends.  The dramatic arts became a focus in high school as an aid to understanding character motivation in her writing.  Majoring in Theatre Production at York University, with a minor in English, she went on to teach both elementary and high school for 10 years throughout Simcoe County. M.J. currently lives with her husband and young son in Caledon, Ontario.  She keeps busy these days with her emerging authors’ website Infinite Pathways: hosting writing contests, providing editing services, free publicity tips, book reviews, and opportunities for authors to build their writing platform and portfolio.  In addition she writes articles and edits freelance as she continues her own creative writing working toward completing the next book in the Chronicles Series. Time’s Tempest: The Chronicles of Xannia (1) is M.J.’s debut science fiction novel.  She firmly believes that if she hadn’t been born a Virgo, she wouldn’t be half as organized as she needs to be to get everything done from one day to the next.

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Charles Macavoy

Born and raised in Fulham, Charles Macavoy has rarely ventured far from home. After losing his parents when still in High School, Charlie went off the rails for a while, until childhood friends, Derek and Grace helped him fight his way back.

Fiercely loyal, with a protective streak that evolved into a desire to serve, Charlie now works for the Metropolitan Police in the Homicide and Serious Crime Division.

At the beginning of his career he was partnered with Nathan Morgan. Nathan was killed in the line of duty, a tragedy which shook Charlie’s foundations once again. His brother, Brad Morgan, one of the founders of Morgan and Fairchild, gave Charlie back his faith and the two have remained friends since, joining forces from time to time.

Charlie has a new partner now, Bobby Jones, and together they protect the city, viewing it as their own personal responsibility.

With a reputation for being tough, but fair, Charlie uses all the resources at his disposal and does not stop until justice is served.

Charlie Macavoy

Character Interview

By: ]Kathryn Jenkins




Q: Where do you presently work? And why did you choose this career for yourself?


A: I work within a murder investigation team, which is part of the Metropolitan Police Service. I’ve always felt a strong sense of duty, of responsibility for others. I don’t know where it comes from, but it’s the reason I gravitated towards the force.


Q: We have heard you have a reputation for being tough. Do you believe this has anything to do with your life experiences?


A: Our experiences definitely shape us, but I think the desire to protect and to serve is in my blood. My mother was a nurse and she loved her job. She was also an avid reader and was fond of referring to her favourite authors, especially if she had a point to make. She once said, ‘No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.’ It’s a quote by Charles Dickens and it’s one that stayed with me.


My expectations are high, so I demand the best in myself and others. It’s probably where the tough comes from, but I’d also like to think I’m fair.


Q: You and your partner Bobby Jones, are thick as thieves throughout, Hands of Evil. What helped you two create the bond you presently have?


A: I recognised the passion in him, the desire for justice. We’re a lot alike, so I know what he’s thinking because I’m thinking it too. It happens that way sometimes and I got lucky. We’re just in tune. He’s like my conscience, or my sounding board.


Q: There is a strong emotional tie between you and your childhood friends Grace and Derek that shows up on several occasions in, Hands of Evil. Can you tell us a bit about how you met each? And how you feel about them till this very day?


A: I went to school with Derek and he’s my brother in all the ways that matter. I know I can always count on him. I was in the last year of High school when I met Grace. She was tall for her age and way too thin, but she had this fire in her eyes that drew people in. It still does. I complained at first, made out she was cramping our style but she saw right through me. That hasn’t changed either. I inherited a little sister the day we met and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Q: Okay, so there is plenty of heat between you and Susannah. We are dying to know how you met her and your first thought was?


A: We met through Brad Morgan, who is the better half (sorry Kel) of Morgan and Fairchild. The moment I saw her, this petite, sexy woman with a voice that can make a grown man cry, I knew I was in trouble!





1. Paula Deen


(AP Photo/NBC, Peter Kramer)

Who is she? Deen is a celebrity chef, cooking show television host, restaurant owner and cookbook writer.


What happened? While being questioned in a discrimination lawsuit in May, Deen acknowledged that she had used a racial epithet in the past. She testified that she “probably” used the racial slur while talking to her husband about a robbery that occurred at the bank she was working at in 1987. When asked if she had used the racial slur since then, she responded: “I’m sure I have, but it’s been a very long time.” However, she couldn’t remember the other contexts in which she used it. Deen said in the deposition that it may have been “in repeating something that was said to me.” Though Deen insisted that she and her family do not tolerate prejudice, companies like Home Depot, Novo Nordisk, Ballantine Books, The Food Network, Smithfield Foods and Wal-Mart, among others, have severed ties with the queen of butter. (The lawsuit was later dismissed.)

2. Rob Ford


REUTERS/Aaron Harris

Who is he? Ford is the Mayor of Toronto.


What happened? In late October 2013, police announced that they had recovered a video that appears to show Mayor Ford smoking crack cocaine. A week later, Ford admitted to using the drug while in office. “Yes, I have smoked crack cocaine,” he told reporters. “But no, do I, am I an addict? No. Have I tried it? Probably in one of my drunken stupors, probably approximately about a year ago.” Toronto’s city council does not have the power to remove Ford from office unless he is convicted of a crime—but in November, they voted to strip him of many of his powers, to cut his office budget by 60%, and to allow members of his staff to transfer to the deputy mayor.

3. Lara Logan


(Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)

Who is she? Logan is a TV and radio journalist; currently the chief foreign affairs correspondent for CBS News and a correspondent for “60 Minutes.”


What happened? On Oct. 27, 2013, Logan reported a story about the 2012 attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi, Libya. The report, which aired on “60 Minutes,” was based on an interview with ex-security officer Dylan Davies. Davies’ comments were later discredited after the New York Times informed Jeff Fager, chairman of CBS News and executive producer of “60 Minutes,” that Davies’ account to the FBI was not consistent with what he had told CBS. Logan went on “CBS This Morning” the next day (Nov. 8, 2013) to apologize for the erroneous report. On Nov. 26, 2013, after an internal review of the report found flaws in Logan’s reporting, she and her producer, Max McClellan, were asked to take indefinite leaves of absence. However, Fager has said that he was ultimately responsible for the mistakes associated with the report.

[More from Forbes: Flashback: 15 Big Career Crashes of 2012]

4. Aaron Hernandez


REUTERS/Brian Snyder

Who is he? Hernandez is an American football player who is currently a free agent; he previously played for the New England Patriots and the University of Florida.


What happened? In June 2013, Hernandez’s home in North Attleborough, Mass. was searched by police in connection with an investigation into the death of Odin Lloyd, whose body was found in an industrial park about a mile away from the home the previous day. About a week later, Hernandez was taken from his home in handcuffs and into police custody. That same day, the tight end was released by the Patriots, and he was arraigned and charged with murder and five gun-related charges. On August 22, 2013, Hernandez was indicted by a grand jury for the murder. He has since pleaded not guilty to all charges and is being held without bail.

5. Ron Johnson


(Photo by Brandon Wade/Invision for JCPenny /AP Images)

Who is he? Johnson was most recently the CEO of J. C. Penney; he previously served as Senior Vice President of Retail Operations at Apple.


What happened? When Johnson was hired by J.C. Penney in late 2011, he was tasked with reinventing the century-old retail chain’s image. Given his successful 10-year run at Apple, building its line of retail stores, the J.C. Penney board had high hopes for Johnson. The announcement of his transformation vision in January 2012 caused a 24% spike in J. C. Penney’s stock—but, as Forbes contributor Barbara Thau put it, “Johnson’s radical strategy to eliminate Penney’s coupons and most sales events, and transform the store into a sea of mini shops from names like Martha Stewart and fast fashion retailer Joe Fresh, sent sales spiraling and its moderate-income shoppers through the exit door.” The company’s stock plunged under his leadership, and Johnson was fired as the CEO of J. C. Penney on April 8, 2013, and replaced by his predecessor, Myron Ullman. Johnson’s disastrous overhaul reportedly cost the company $1 billion.

6. Howard Kurtz


(AP Photo/Evan Agostini, file)

Who is he? Journalist, author and media critic; host of Fox News Channel’s Media Buzz program; former media writer for The Washington Post and the former Washington bureau chief for The Daily Beast.


What did he do? In May 2013, Kurtz erroneously claimed in a blog post that Jason Collins, the NBA center who had recently come out as gay, had not mentioned his previous engagement to a woman. The Daily Beast‘s editors said that piece contained “several errors, resulting in a misleading characterization of NBA player Collins and the story he co-wrote in Sports Illustrated in which the he came out as gay.” Kurtz initially tried to cover his tracks, but later issued a correction at the bottom of the post. Tina Brown, the editor-in-chief of The Daily Beast, fired Kurtz a few days later for his “serial inaccuracy.”

7. Eike Batista


REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

Who is he? Batista is a Brazilian business magnate.


What happened? Not long ago, Batista was one of the world’s richest people, with a net worth of approximately $30 billion, according to FORBES estimates—but in October 2013, his oil firm OGX filed for bankruptcy protection in the largest corporate default in Latin American history. My colleague Agustino Fontevecchia reported that OGX is set to run out of cash in December unless it gets $250 million, which will allow it to push operations all the way to April 2014. “Meanwhile,” Fontevecchia writes, “Batista is hurting. He is being sued, along with his company, by minority shareholders, while Brazil’s SEC, known as CVM, is looking into violations of disclosure rules. His personal fortune has been decimated by the spectacular decline in his companies? stock prices, going from $30 billion to less than $1 billion.”

8. Bob Filner


(AP Photo/U-T San Diego, John Gastaldo, Pool)

Who is he? Filner is the former San Diego mayor.


What happened? Following a storm of sexual harassment allegations this summer, Filner resigned just nine months into a four-year term. Filner, who faced sexual harassment allegations from approximately 17 women, received treatment for sexual disorders in Los Angeles before pleading guilty in mid-October to a series of false imprisonment and battery charges involving three women. The 71-year-old’s sentencing is set for Dec. 9.


9. Alec Baldwin


(AP Photo/Seth Wenig, File)

Who is he? Baldwin is a stage, television and film actor.


What happened? Just five episodes in to Baldwin’s Friday night MSNBC talk show, “Up Late With Alec Baldwin,” he and the network parted ways. Why? The short-lived show was terminated less than two weeks after Baldwin was suspended for making homophobic remarks during a confrontation with a photographer, which was captured on video by TMZ.



10. Anthony Weiner


REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz

Who is he? Weiner is a politician; former U.S. representative who served New York’s 9th congressional district for more than 12 years.


What happened? In 2011, Weiner engaged in lewd online behavior. A few weeks after sending a sexually explicit photo to a 21-year-old woman via Twitter, he resigned his seat. The scandal, dubbed “Weinergate,” wouldn’t be his last. This year, a few months after the former congressman announced that he’d return to politics by entering the New York City mayoral race, more pictures and “sexting,” allegedly by Weiner, surfaced. He said in a statement: “I said that other texts and photos were likely to come out, and today they have.” Shortly after acknowledging the explicit online relationships, Weiner’s campaign manager quit and Politico reported that his favorability plunged by more than 20 points, causing him to lose the lead in the mayor’s race. Weiner conceded in the Democratic primary in September.


Mom reconnects with her son 30 years after her ex-husband abducted him to Mexico – but he no longer speaks English

  • David Amaya Barrick thought his mother had abandoned him
  • Kathy Amaya has spent the last 30 years looking for her son after her husband abducted him as a toddler
  • The pair have still not been reunited but did have an emotional phone call
  • Raising the funds to go and see his mom in Wisconsin


A Chicago-born man kidnapped as a toddler and taken to Mexico by his father more than three decades ago is hoping to be reunited with his mother after he was was caught sneaking back across the border last month.

Mother Kathy Amaya, who lives in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, said today she has been waiting to see her son, David Amaya Barrick, 37, since learning on October 31 that border agents had picked him up but released him after they discovered he was a U.S. citizen trying to get home.

She said she has been looking for her child ever since her estranged husband abducted him and though she knew he was in Mexico, she did not have the money to hire a private investigator.

David was raised by his grandparents and does not speak any English. He had no idea his mother had been looking for him.


Soon to be reunited: David Amaya Barrick was raised my his grandparents and does not speak any English. He had no idea his mother had been looking for him

Soon to be reunited: David Amaya Barrick was raised my his grandparents and does not speak any English. He had no idea his mother had been looking for him

Proof: When he was caught sneaking over the border from Mexico, immigration did not believe he was an American citizen until they later found his birth certificate

Proof: When he was caught sneaking over the border from Mexico, immigration did not believe he was an American citizen until they later found his birth certificate

He told NBC7 through an interpreter: ‘My father told me my mother had left me abandoned and orphaned. I don’t know my mother, and I find out she’s been looking for me for 30 years, and I have the longing to meet her for the first time.’

Barrick was rounded up with a group of illegal border crossers on October 30 in a canyon about a mile from a San Diego beach, but he explained that he was born in the US and had a right to be there.

Overjoyed: David Amaya's mother Kathy has been looking for her son for 30 years

Overjoyed: David Amaya’s mother Kathy has been looking for her son for 30 years

Though they did not believe him at first, border agents later verified his story.

They then contacted Kathy Amaya to let her know that her son had turned up and wanted to return to her.

‘They told me he was beaten and robbed before he crossed the border and the thieves took his money and his cell (phone),’ Amaya said. ‘They said he seemed like a really good guy, and that he only speaks Spanish and I don’t.’

Barrick was born in Chicago in 1977 while Amaya was married to his father, but she said her spouse became abusive and the couple split when the boy was one-years-old.

After some time had passed, Amaya began letting the father visit his son and ‘then one day (the child) was just gone’, she said. 

‘I reported his abduction, but when police found out he was with his dad, they weren’t worried about it.’

Amaya said the boy’s father told her that he had taken the toddler, then two years of age, to Mexico and left him there with family members.

His father and aunt took David to Mexico under a one-month permit to visit his grandparents. 

However, he told NBC7 his father left him there and he has only seen him a few times in the last 30 years.

Iglesia de Cristo Ministerios Llamada Final Inc de San Diego, based in Point Loma, is providing food and shelter for David as the ministry tries to raise the funds to get him to Wisconsin so he can see his mother and half siblings.



Future: David Amaya is focusing on learning English and playing the drums so he can be a better musician, but his immediate goal is to meet his mom

Future: David Amaya is focusing on learning English and playing the drums so he can be a better musician, but his immediate goal is to meet his mom

Kathy Amaya told NBC7 that David has four siblings, and she’s excited to have the family reunited.

‘He just told me that he doesn’t hold anything against me,’ she added. ‘So that makes me happy.’

David finished high school in Mexico and studied music in Monterrey, Mexico. He plays drums and went on tour with a band.

He is focusing on learning English and continuing his career as a musician – as soon as he meets his mother of course

Ex-navy seal Chris Crusher returns home to find his wife Jenessa on drugs and his baby boy Jeremiah who is only 6 years old missing because she sold him for a fix to the black devils. The black devils are one of the most dangerous gangs in the state of Maine. They wore black hoods and masks; a low level street team that indulged in everyday drug deals, weapons,and gang violence. The higher ups for the gang have been known to take children that belong to junkies and raise them as killers to do high priority assassinations.  The children are put to a test at the age of 7 if they fail they are killed.


Chris reaches out to his brother Levee for help to search for his son. As Levee is in the pursuit of helping Chris he is also trying to deter him by trying to make Chris believe his son is dead because Chris is getting too close to finding out thetruth. Unbeknownst to Chris, Levee is a board member of the black devils and also the one in charge of the childrenkidnappings. Chris uses his seal training to catch, torture, and kill individuals involved with the black devils in an attempt to get more information about his son’s whereabouts.


 In retaliation for the spilled blood of their fallen comrades; the black devils put a price on Chris’ head and Levee is behind it all. Chris starts to suspect his brother is hiding something because only Levee knew the ware bouts of Chris’ safe house. After having a conversation with Levee on the phone; moments later the safe house was shot up and blown up. Levee was made aware of the failed attempt which meant he had to take matters into his own hands. He waited a week later before calling Chris to make absolutely sure that everything had simmered down first. But little did he know Chris was already aware of his betrayal.



          Levee gave Chris directions to a warehouse where they should meet up. Chris knew that in order to leave the warehouse alive he would have to kill his brother. Chris arrived at the warehouse hours before the meet up time but Leveewas already there. Chris approaches Levee; confronts him about his betrayal to which Levee denies the accusations. The conversation begins to escalate into a hostile argument. Out of a fit of rage and anger Levee pulls out a gun and points it in Chris’ direction. The lack of surprise on Chris’ face lets Levee know that Chris is on to him.

          Considering Levee plans on killing Chris anyway he gives him all of the information he desired to know and more.Levee explains that he is really Jeremiahs’ father and not Chris. He also tells him that Jenessa wanted Chris dead years agobecause with him gone no one could interfere in the affairs of the black devils rise. Chris once again with a lack of surprise on his face smirks at Levee that he was already aware. Chris knew of his wife’s extracurricular activities shesometimes liked to indulge in but still that was no comfort. Chris looked at Levee with a stern look and asked where his son was! Levee answers with a gunshot to Chris’ chest.

          Levee approaches Chris to finish him off but only to receive a knife to the knee. Levee drops his weapon, Chris gets up and they begin to battle to where only one man will walk away. Levee pulls his knife out during the fight and jabs Chris in the side but the second of over confidence sealed Levees’ fate when he received a fatal blow to the neck. Chris kneels down to Levee and Levee whispers something in Chris’ ear giving him the real directions on where to find Jeremiah.


Chris heads home only to be received by Jenessa with open arms. Chris is confirmed of Jenessa’s betrayal by her not asking where his wounds came from. Chris then walks Jenessa into the kitchen, sits her at the table and softly speaks inher ear that Levee told him everything. He then pulls the knife he killed Levee with out; Jenessa starts to softly cry and tells Chris to tell Jeremiah that she loves him. Chris says nothing and a tear rolls down Chris’ cheek he then jabs the knife into the back of Jenessa’s head. Chris starts his journey to Australia to retrieve his son.


 Some would call Chris an unstoppable man on a mission but others refer to him as the Juggernaut.